Whats My Favorite Superhero?

My favorite superhero is The Flash. My favorite thing about The Flash is his superpower. He has the ability to go from place to place in the blink of an eye.  Studies show that Barry Allen “The Flash” is faster then a cheetah just while walking. The flash is apart of the DC Comic Book series. The Flash also has an awesome T.V show called “The Flash.” I look up to The Flash because he never gives up and is always trying to do his best at all times. This is why The Flash is my all time favorite superhero.



2 thoughts on “Whats My Favorite Superhero?

  1. Hi Gwen!
    Star:I really like how you included who plays The Flash. I didn’t know that before.
    Wish:I wish I had The Flash’s superpower.
    Wonder:Every super hero story has a villain like batman and joker, so who is Flash’s enemy?

    1. The Flash has many enemies but his biggest enemy is probably the Reverse Flash. The Reverse Flash killed Barry Allen’s mom and put his dad in prison. That’s why the Reverse Flash is Barry’s enemy.


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