The importance of the census is so the government can know the population of a country. It impacts our government by having a relatively perfect population count. The census is where the government counts the population of a country.

how to help Earth

In a day I could plant trees. In a week I could inform people about how to help the planet. In a month I could get a group of people to help the planet. In a year I could create a club to help the planet.

Helping neighbors

You could help your neighbors if they need supplies but they can’t get them. You could give them some supplies. They could also need some company via online apps. You could help them with yard work while continuing social distancing.

Online Learning

Online learning is different than normal school, and it is also a slightly different schedule than normal. It might even be a little bit easier. I am playing in my backyard, watching t.v, and playing video games

North Museum of Nature and Science

I will tell you a bit about the North Museum of Nature and Science. The Museum is located in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. It is open from 10:00 AM-5:00 PM Tuesday-Saturday, and 10:00 AM-3:00 PM Sunday, closed Monday. Admission is children 2 and under are free, children 3-7 are $8.00 each, adults are $9.00 each, and seniors are $8.00 each. You can park around the Museum or you could park a short walk away. You should wear comfortable clothes. You should bring a water bottle and a camera. You should visit the Planetarium, the many exhibits the Museum has to offer, the various collections of animals, the live animal room, and the gift shop. The most time you will need to see all the museum has to offer is 2-3 hours.


That was a bit of information that will help you on your next trip to the North Museum of Nature and Science.