Save The Earth

Today i will list some of the things you can do to help the earth in different amounts of time. If you want something you can do in one day, you could take a paper bag and pick up trash around your neighborhood. If you are looking for something you could do in a week, you could plant flowers, planting something is always a good way to help the earth. If you are looking for a good way to help the earth in a month, you could make sure you are putting recyclables in the recycle bin and things that have to be thrown away in the trash, you could also donate money to one of the orginizations listed at this website:  if yu are looking for something to do over the course of a year, you could plant a tree, and do all of the other things i suggested earlier. As you can see, there are many things you could do to help the earth. Thanks for reading!South America José Miguel S via Compfight


Even though We have to practice socail distancing we can still help our neighbors withought possibly spreading the virus. My grandma lives right across the street from me and we have always done her weeding and mowed her lawn. we still do that though during the time we are at her house she does not come outside, and we do not go inside her house. anyone could do this with any neighbor.

Supply and Demand

Today we are dealing with a rough topic. with all that we are going through ,some people  are having money trouble. due to high demand, the price of eggs and other things, have been getting higher. do you think they should be allowed to raise the prices with all of the people losing their jobs due to Covid-19? i dont think so. if people are losing their jobs, they will not have money to buy food. in my opinion all food prices should be lowerd because food is a nesesity. people NEED food. right now some people have lost their job and are relying on friends and neighbors for food. I think this is one of the biggest problems to come from Covid-19. other than people getting sick and dieing of course. I hope everyone reading this is feeling good, not super stressed, and is not sick or having any money troubles. Have a good day!

Online learning

Online learning is a smart thought, although there are some problems with it. one of the problems is that not all kids have WiFi. our district is trying to fix that by sending home HotSpots. HotSpots are a thing that you can bring anywhere you want and it will send out WiFi to your phone, Computer, or anything else you would use WiFi for. another problem with online learning is that  not all parents are good at troubleshooting . if the student had a problem with their computer some parents would not know what to do.  now for the positive stuff; one good thing about online learning is that students will not have to have school into the summer. I just have 1 question; next year will we still have snow days if the district already knows how to do online learning?

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