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Dream Jobs- Camera Operator Project Slideshow

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Colorful Wax (Limerick)

We are stuck inside the tiniest box

Mr. Red-Writer has the chicken pox

The germs pierce me like a spear

Help!  We need a nurse in here!

How much time is left on the ticking clocks?


Spring (Haiku)

Bluebells and Bluestars

Bountiful bouquets blooming

Butterflies bide by

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Fish- A Short Story with Personification

Once there was a lake.  Inhabiting that lake was a fish.  The day is June 21st, 1957.  The warm summer breeze plays childhood games with the tree leaves as the fish underneath gets prepared for what is going to happen.  Today is the day where families come to the lake and use fishing lines to catch fish for a competition.  But as the fish thinks about it, he is not prepared and does not know how to.  The fish hears pounding footsteps and cowards back a bit, but a fishline pierces through the water with a tasty piece of bait on it.  He can’t resist.

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Dream Job- Elementary School Teacher Video


Hatchet Next Step

In “Hatchet,” so far Brian has survived a plane crash.  The pilot had a heart attack and died on the spot.  Brian took control over the plane even though he doesn’t know how to fly one.  He landed near a lake.  Although surviving, he did suffer painful bruises and mosquito bites all over his body.  I don’t know what Brian is going to do next, but this is what I would do:

If I was in the same situation, I would try to build a shelter for myself.  I would use the hatchet and cut down a few small trees or branches to use for wood.  If the hatchet had sunk in the lake, I would try to dive for it, but probably be unsuccessful.  For food I would (try) to kill some fish, because I know they’re plentiful in the lake.  Also, I would create a fire to keep away insects and to keep warm.

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A Turkey’s Story (Short Story)

By the Amazing Saraiah and Summer


Grandma Patty took me home from the grocery store just a few hours ago.  I’m wrapped in white plastic, barely able to breathe. Now I’m sitting on the kitchen table waiting for grandma patty to clear room in the refrigerator.  Soft footsteps make their way into the room where I’m kept captive in my tight white plastic.

I watched silently (because I mean, I’m DEAD) as the old woman took out can after can out of the fridge. Soon enough she slowly picked me up and stuffed me into the cold chamber.  This is where I’m assuming I will wait that wrinkly old lady takes me out. But who knows where I will go after that.

Hours pass, as I start to become squishy.  Not exactly like when I was alive, but it’ll do for now.  But then the refrigerator doors creaks open. And to my horror, I see Grandma Patty with cooking mitts over her aged hands. She takes me out of my plastic casing and lays me on a cold pan. I get scrubbed with a prickly thing and she drowns me in seasoning.  Into this hot sauna I’m shoved and the door slams shut. My skin soon starts to burn and tan. I’m overheating! Get me out of here!



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