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Marvelous Martin Luther King Jr

     Have you ever heard of Martin Luther KIng Jr.?  He was one of the many people who got treated differently (in a bad way) just because of his skin color.  He also was the man who gave the famous “I Have a Dream Speech”.  Still doesn’t ring a bell?  Even if it does, you can still read the well thought out, most likely, highly intelligent reasons that explain why MLK gave his speech and did it near the Lincoln Memorial.

     I think that MLK gave his “I Have a Dream” speech because he wanted to find a peaceful way to get equality.  I also know that when he was a little boy he got separated from his best friend all just because of his skin color.  That “I Have a Dream” speech is all about civil rights and that all people should be treated equally no matter what their appearance is.

     I think that MLK gave his speech near the Lincoln Memorial because Abraham Lincoln freed former slaves and that means a lot to Martin Luther King Jr.  It means a lot to him because if if that 16th President never came, he would most likely be a slave.  Also, I think that Washington D.C. would be a very popular place to have a speech about America’s problems because it is where the President lives and works.  The Lincoln Memorial is in Washington D.C.  


     Now you know about why Martin Luther King Jr gave his famous speech and why he did it near the Lincoln Memorial.  I hope that you understood and followed what I was talking about.

Picture from Pixabay.

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