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Amazing Amazon

This week, we got 10 sets of VR (Virtual Reality) glasses.  We explored the Amazon.  We saw many interesting things and had lots of fun.  During our expedition, we visited 4 places and learned about each one.  Before we experienced the adventure, we read a book called Encantados.  Encantados are pink dolphins that live in the murky waters of the Amazon River.

The 2 rivers that we visited were absolutely beautiful.  We learned about the many species that live there.  We saw two guys canoeing, and I found a weird pink thing in the trees.  I still have no idea what it is.  At one of the rivers, when I looked behind me, water was rushing rapidly.  When I looked in front of me, the water was calm.

We also visited part of the Amazon Rain Forest. The enormous trees overcrowded the sky, so the plants on the ground didn’t get a lot of sunlight like the trees.  The forest was my favorite part of the journey.

Then, we visited an Amazon Community where people learn, work, and play.  They had a playground there, but it didn’t have a lot of equipment.  I did not see any children playing or learning though.  But, it was still really fun to see.  That was the amazing adventure I went on in the Amazon.



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