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Thoughts need words, and words need power… -Sharon M. Draper

Lively Limericks

A Fox Named Sox

There once was an old purple fox.

He was known by his friends as Sox.

He would wander around

All over the town

And each day he saw plenty of gawks.

By Summer and Mae

Too Much Hair

There once was a fox, so rare,

Because of her so long hair.

She married a dog,

Who sat on a log.

While she talked to a bear.

By Summer and Mae

A Pen Named Frank


There once was a pen named Frank

He went to the big city bank

Once he was there

He saw a bear


Frank’s little heart then sank

By Summer

A Fly On the Ledge

Once there was a fly

A fly who really liked pie

He’d sit on the ledge

To near to the edge

His mother always asked why

By Summer


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