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The Eggtastic Egg

“Summer! My pet penguin just laid a really weird egg!”, I heard my best friend’s voice from the phone, “I am going to ship it to you tomorrow, you’re a way better caretaker than me.” “WHAT?! I am not taking care of your egg! Can’t your penguin take care of it?” “No.”
“Why not?” “The penguin just walked out the front door.”
The next morning I found a package on my front porch. It was tied off with a pink bow. I went inside and opened the package. Inside was an egg wrapped up in a thick layer of wool and a letter. I took the letter out first. It read:

Dear Summer,

As I informed you yesterday, here is the egg that Squiggles the penguin laid. Please take really good care of it. If you were wondering, Squiggles was actually a robot developed by Michelangelo in 1496. He developed the egg too. He also made it so that Squiggles would lay the egg. But watch out! Albert Einstein has been searching for that egg for years! Don’t let him take it! I heard he is on his way to Australia right now! The egg will hatch at exactly 1:47 a.m. October 2nd 1500. It will only hatch though if you take it to the peak of the mountain called, Sumzer Peak. Then you will see the amazing things inside. I can’t tell you anymore, goodbye!

                                                                                                                         Take Care, Felishia?

“Only 6 hours and 6 minutes until the egg hatches!,” I thought, worried.  I’ll have to head out right now.  Just as I opened the front door, I saw the criminal mastermind standing before me. “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH,” I screeched. Albert Einstein was standing on my front porch! I grabbed the egg and took it out of the box and unwrapped it. It had pink and green zebra stripes. “Wow, that is some egg.”

“And soon, that wowable egg will be mine!,” I heard Einstein yell, “Give it!”


Then I ran up the stairs with the egg. I went into my room. My mistakes, I left the door wide open. I heard footsteps on the staircase, and they were coming fast! So I quickly opened the window, broke the screen, and jumped onto the garage roof, just in time. The I hopped off of there and onto the soft, fluffy grass. I ran across the yard until my feet met up with the road. I wasn’t supposed to go near the road, but I had to get the egg to safety. I started running across the road to my neighbor’s’ field. I then saw Albert starting across the yard as fast as he could, which was pretty fast. But I could run faster. I started running again across the field filled to top with wheat. It was easy to push through the wheat without being seen.

I made it to the end of the field right when Albert had just started. I then climbed up a tree so that I had a better view of where I needed to find the mountain. I searched until I saw a sunlit peak taller than most of the trees. I realized Albert was starting to climb up the tree. I threw a giant branch at him with one hand, and the other was holding the mysterious egg tightly. That sure knocked him off his balance. Then, I slid down the tree and started running again. This time, I was running across a deep valley that held Sumzer Peak. The valley was full of pink and white azaleas. They were so beautiful that I almost stopped to pick one to take home. But I couldn’t. I had to keep running.

After a couple of minutes, I started to get tired. I HAD to stop. So finally, I did. But right when I looked up I saw the sunlit rocks of Sumzer Peak. “I’m here!,” I screamed, “I’m here! I’m here! I’m here!” Just then I searched along the field and fixed my eyes on Albert darting across. He was almost here! I was in the panting condition, so I had to wait a little- but only for a few seconds, for now he was about 20 yards away from where I was. After about 4 in a half more seconds, I had no choice, I darted to the bottom of the mountain. Then I started to get smart. I only had 1 hand to climb with! The other was full of that egg that’ll soon be an omelet if I didn’t hurry up!

Carelessly, I started climbing. I didn’t care. I wanted to see what was inside the egg. The climbing part was very hard, but I just kept repeating to myself, “Nothing is impossible, you can do it!” And that worked! I was at the top of Sumzer Peak in no time! But the bad part was, Albert Einstein was already at the peak when I took my last pull and grab. How did he get up there so fast?

“I’m guessing that you are wondering how I got up here so fast, hmm?,” he said, “Well… I thought I was too slow. So I quickly used some pink and white azaleas to create a Rocket Fast Place Jumper. And let me tell you, it works and it works pretty well! Now, some handy information, NEVER underestimate a mad scientist!”

“Oh don’t worry…,” I began, “I still have the egg, which means, I WI-,” I got stopped in the middle of my words.

“-The egg is about to hatch!”

I put the egg down on the rock hard ground. And we huddled around it, like we were friends- but we weren’t. A few seconds past and I started to hear little sounds. “It sounds like a…. A goat?!,” I said, confused and startled.

“Sounds like it,” I heard Einstein whisper, “And I discovered it!”

“No you did not!,” and I moved the egg closer to me.

Just then, a little piece of green eggshell broke off. Next, a bigger piece of pink broke off. Then the last piece of eggshell broke off of both combined with pink and green zebra stripes. Four little baby purple goats then appeared. They started nibbling on the laces of my Converse. “Whoa,” I said, very amused. Albert was on the other side of the peak, staring, also in amusement. Then the goats started talking.

“My name is Nipper.”

“My name is Zipper.”

“My name is Kipper.”

“And my name is Bop.”

“We’ll always listen to our master… YOU!,” they all said in perfect harmony.

“Hmmm…,” I started to think, “Well then go eat Albert Einstein!”



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I commented on Autumn’s Commenting because I wanted a quick review on the commenting rules.  She did a nice job explaining all of it.


I commented on Hannah’s Commenting Guidelines because I wanted to read her commenting guidelines too.  I learned a lot from all of these amazing posts. 🙂


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