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My Valued Vacation

On August 6th 2016, I left in the car (with my family) to drive to Rehoboth Beach to meet my dad’s best friend. We call him Uncle Jack Pickles. He was going to let us stay in his beach house for a couple of days, and then we were going to drive down to my dad’s co-worker, Julie. She had a beach house in Rehoboth too.

On the way to the beach we were listening to music. We then stopped at McDonald’s for something to eat. Since this was the day after I got my retainer, my mouth was sore and hurting. I could barely eat. So, my parents let me take it out to eat, even though I am not supposed to. It didn’t help. I had ordered a sausage, egg, and cheese, and maybe some bacon, with the softest bread they had. I also ordered a sprite.

About 2 hours later we stopped at Dunkin’ Donuts to go to the bathroom. For some reason we did not get donuts at a DONUT SHOP! When everyone was done using the bathroom, we got back in the car and started driving. It was about 9:00 in the morning. I was tired of listening to my annoying little sister making noises that drove me up the wall. And every 2 minutes the GPS started telling us where to go. I was ready to get to the beach house.

FINALLY we arrived in Rehoboth at the doorstep of the house we were staying at. We rang the doorbell that looked like a crab. When someone answered the door, we stepped in and said hi to everyone. Next, we had to pick rooms. I picked a room with 2 twin beds, both with big white frames attached to the bed and went up. A tv hung on the wall in front of the beds. Beside the tv was a bathroom. Every bedroom had a bathroom. Then I jumped up and down on the bed for a little. The whole house had a total of 5 bedrooms and 7 bathrooms. In my opinion, I think that my bathroom was the best.                                                                                                                                                                  Later on, we went to the beach. The beach we were at didn’t have that much seashells, and the ocean washed sand up onto our legs. When we were done with the beach we went out for pizza on the boardwalk. Then we went back home for the night. When we were all ready for bed, I jumped into my bed and put on some iCarly. I slowly fell asleep. When morning arrived I got out of my bed and hurried downstairs. I had yummy pancakes for breakfast. Then that day passed and we were onto the next. We had delicious donuts for breakfast. We ordered 24 donuts from the Fractured Prune. They were amazing. Jack got him and my dad a surfing lesson at a different beach than before. We had to drive to the beach for it. I rode in Jack’s Jeep. It had no roof. When we got to the beach, we had to pay to park. Then we were all done with paying and we got out of the car. The beach there was way better than the other one. It was worth paying for. No sand washed up on my legs. And there were TONS of seashells. I found a really cool whole one. It was round at the top and spiraled down to the bottom. It was pretty awesome. I watched my dad surf, but then when he was about to walk back to where it was deeper, 2 waves came on either side of him and smacked the fin of the board sliced right above his nose.  Then he went with a police officer to get band-aids.  But he never used the band-aids. We went to the arcade later, went on some rides, and then got some ice cream.  I rode on a ride that you would sit in and spin around in circles!  I was ready to go home, so I went back to the beach house early.  When everybody got home we all watched some of the Summer 2016 Olympics.  Then we all went to bed.

The next day I woke up and got really excited.  Today we were going to ride some paddleboards, ride some jet-skis, and then get on a boat.  Once we got to the place we were doing all of that, I played around with the jet-skis and paddleboards. Then I got on the boat. It was a pretty cool boat. I rode on there for a little and then I left with my dad for the rest of the time to ride a jet-ski.  We were on the jet-ski for a couple of hours.  My dad taught me how to drive it! We were trying to splash Uncle Jack Pickles, but instead he splashed us.  It was fun.  When it was almost dark I had to get back on the boat to dock it.  But when we reached the dock the boat ran out of gas.  We were stuck at that dock until we had some gas to get to the right one. Then the guy who owned the boat came in a car to drive us home for pizza.  We all ate pizza and went to bed.
The next morning we had to leave to the other beach house.  Once we got there we got out of the car, and went up to the apartment.  It wasn’t as big as the other house though.  It has 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom. But it was still fun.  We all went to the beach to play.  It was really fun. The next day we left to go home.  On the way we stopped at a souvenir shop to get something.  I got a shark tooth and a glass block with a little mermaid sitting on a dolphin.  On the front it said, Rehoboth Beach.  A couple of days before I got a sunhat on the boardwalk with a bow tied around it.  My vacation was fun.  I hope the next ones are fun too!                                                                                                                                                                                      img_4663

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