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Thoughts need words, and words need power… -Sharon M. Draper


Today in reading class, I experienced something amazing with Virtual Reality glasses. It was very cool. I was in the ocean with a bunch of divers, little fish, and big sharks! One of the sharks almost knocked into my foot! (ouch) When I looked up I saw the top of the water all lit up with sunshine. It was awesome.


On the Banks of Grape Juice Pond


Bet you’re wondering about the stories about Grape Juice Pond. Everyone does, but no one actually ever heard the stories. To be honest, the story we’re writing is the first one ever written in human history. At least we think it is.

Every day, the two chicken chicks, Nugget and Pot Pie would go down to Grape Juice Pond after breakfast. They got very good at swinging through vines, riding on top of their train set, leaping over the never ending trail of mice, and bargaining with the bridge troll, and then climbing a tall mountain, for this was their coarse.  Then they would build a log and stick and leaf boat, get in, and float away. Whenever they got thirsty, they simply dipped their bills into the grape juice, and start slurping. The pond had no water in it. Only grape juice.

The thing was, they were forbidden to go there by their parents, Chickadee and Chickadum. They thought it was dangerous. But Nugget and Pot Pie weren’t scared. Their parents would try to tell them scary stories about Grape Juice Pond to get them to not go, but Nugget and Pot Pie were smart chickens, they know what their parents were trying to do. Those stories just made them even more eager to go.


They carefully planned out every single trip. The first time they ever went without their parents, the troll was asleep and they hadn’t met him before. He woke up and looked at them like he wanted to club them.


“ROOOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” the troll screamed.



Every day after that they brought gifts and offerings to the troll. Every day after that the the troll was kind to them. One of the “scary stories” about Grape Juice pond had been about an army of trolls and their ferocious tie-dye gummy bears. Instead it was one  troll and  one, cute, cuddly, harmless little tie-dye gummy bear.

Chickadee and Chickadum never wanted their little babies to go alone on the perilous journey to Grape Juice Pond. So, they started to go with them. Chickadee and Chickadum were scared, but, of course, Nugget and Pot Pie were never even nervous. They traveled every morning- Grape Juice Pond for some reason wasn’t there at night or during the day, only at morning. They learned that from the troll. He knew EVERYTHING about our strange surroundings. He even knew about the giant, slobbery, hairy monster that lived in a small prison by the 4 foot tall jungle platform that Grape Juice Pond was located on. The platform had marbled colors made up of black, brown, grey, and white. On one lovely morning Chickadee and Chickadum were sleeping in when Nugget and Pot Pie were up and out of bed. Their parents usually woke up before them, but the night before the two sneaky little chicks sabotaged their parents alarm clock. They did that so that they could sneak out to Grape Juice Pond. Their plan was about to set into action.


They tiptoed out of their coop that was made out of giant blocks of wood with painted designs they didn’t recognize, yet they built it themselves.  

Then they swung on the vines that hung on the ceiling. Then they leapt onto the train set, zoomed around for awhile, until they saw the mice. Then they whispered

“One two three, jump!!!!!” They leapt off the train and over the mice as quickly as they could and ran over the bridge, tossing the bird feed that they had collected into the troll’s food hole, a funnel that they could toss food and gifts into so that the troll would  let them through. Then they came to the tall mountain. It was hard to climb, but then they finally got on top of the marbled platform. The chicks were quenched. So when they dipped their beaks into Grape Juice Pond, it was like heaven in their little mouths.But then they heard a very LOUD sound. “MOM! THERE ARE CHICKENS IN MY SPILLED GRAPE JUICE!”, screamed a squeaky voice. Then an even bigger human came in and chased them outside into the wild. The two itty bitty chicks were lost, and alone. They were scared to death. What would they do?! They didn’t know. The only thing they knew was that they should have never traveled to Grape Juice Pond- at least not alone. They wished that they were in their beds, sleeping like there was no tomorrow. The only thing they could do was find somewhere to sleep for the night. But then, they saw their parents get kicked out of that scary, giant, house.


Their parents responded “BAK BAK BAK BAK BAK BAK BAK BAK BAK BAK BAK BAK BAK BAK BAK BAK,” their parents started running towards them. Then they started forth the forest that they saw in the distance. It was a rainy day.Their feathers were very wet from the downpour coming from the sky.When they reached the forest they all gave in on making a shelter to spend the night in. It was made out of leaves, twigs, and mud.

In the morning the journeyed forth deeper into the forest. Then they saw something amazing, extraordinary. OUT OF THIS WORD! It was a real, Grape Juice Pond!

by Mae and Summer


The Tale of Chickadoodle Fluff

Once upon a time, in Summersville, lived a little hamster named Chickadoodle Fluff. Chickadoodle Fluff lived in a small country house near a cake shop. He liked to sneak out of his cage and into the cake shop at night and steal all of their Buttercream Surprise cakes. But one night, everything went wrong.

 Chickadoodle Fluff was about to sneak out into the cake shop when he heard a loud sound, “BANG BANG BANG!!!!!!!!!!! ” That scared him so much that he HAD to check it out. So he scampered across the lawn into the dark forest where he thought he heard it coming from. That’s when he heard it again, “BANG BANG BANG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”,  but that time louder, so he knew he was heading in the right direction. Chickadoodle Fluff started to regret coming into the pitch-black forest. He wanted to be back in his cage, sleeping like there was no tomorrow. But he had to find out what was going on. So he traveled deeper into the forest, then he saw a bright yellow light in the distance. “HUNTERS!!!” Chickadoodle Fluff screamed. Then the flashlight was shining in his delicate little face in less than a second. So he started running towards home, but he didn’t know where home was. Then the hunter started running after Chickadoodle Fluff. When Chickadoodle Fluff realized he was being chased, he hurriedly scampered up a tree as high as he could. The hunter then ran right past the tree that Chickadoodle Fluff was in. But then there was one problem, how would he get down? He could not figure it out. So Chickadoodle Fluff risked his little hamster life and jumped. He bounced off a skunk’s back and landed in a thorny bush. This knocked him out of reality for a couple of hours.                                                                                                                                                                                       Morning had finally arrived when Chickadoodle Fluff awoke. The skunk was weirdly staring at him with one side of his head tilted.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   “Excuse me,” said the skunk, “Why were you jumping out of a tree and bouncing off my back?”

 “W-w-what,” Chickadoodle Fluff said unconsciously.

 “You jumped out of a tree onto my back,” the skunk said angrily.

 “S-sorry, I was just being chased by a hunter and I had to scurry up a tree and then jump down because I had no other choice. Anyway, do you know where my home is?”

 “Surprisingly I do, but I’ll only tell you if you never bounce off my back again.”


 “See the hill over there? Go over it, through the valley, take a left then a right, then your home.”

 “Thank-you”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              The skunk then picked him up out of the bush and then sprayed him with his tail, and Chickadoodle Fluff started his journey home. It was a beautiful day-perfect for getting some exercise. Chickadoodle Fluff then went over the hill and through the valley. The valley was full of delicious dandelions, so he decided to take a break to eat.                                                                                                                    When he was all filled up with dandelions, he started toward home. He was almost through the valley when he saw some butterflies.

“Hello,” whispered Chickadoodle Fluff shyly. “Who are you?”

“I’m Butter” said the biggest butterfly.

I’m Flutter” said the next one.

“And I’m Cup” said the smallest one.

“Hello Butter, Flutter, and Cup. I’m Chickadoodle Fluff. I am on my way home.”

“Chickadoodle Fluff?! What a weird name!” teased Butter.

“Let’s go!” said Flutter.

“Yeah!” yelled Cup.

 Chickadoodle Fluff then felt sad and lonely. So he decided to not talk to anyone else in the valley. He then reached the end of the valley and took a left then a right and finally, in the distance, saw his home. Never in his life had he been so happy to see the little country house just sitting there with the cake shop beside it. He climbed through the window, and back into his cage just in time for his owner to come and pour more food in his food dish. Then Chickadoodle Fluff lived happily ever after.


News Flash: MOON!!! MOON!!! MOON!!!

On August 5th, 1930, Neil Armstrong, the famous baby was born. During that time, John F. Kennedy was president. He wanted to get humans to land on the one and only MOON! “I want to go to the MOON!!!” demanded young Neil. “When I’m old enough… But I will someday!!!”

When Neil was 24 he started creating rocket ship models. By age 36 he had made over 60,000! The biggest on stood at about 2 feet, 6 inches, and 7 centimeters tall. They were complete masterpieces of art- all of them. Neil was 37 when he accepted his job at Yoders, and he worked there for three weeks, stacking soup can by soup can on the shelfs. Then one day he was promoted to the mayonnaise section when his boss came over to check on him and then it happened. He spilled mayonnaise on his boss’s head by accident and was fired.

Luckily, he got a new job six months later. He worked for a group who studied airplanes. Later that group became part of NASA. Neil yearned to go to the moon. He was ready- but not really. But then, it was finally time, after 6 years of space camp, he was ready to go the moon. This time for real. He finally boarded the Apollo 11 with 2 other of his friends, Edwin “Buzz” Aldrin and Michael Collins on July 16th 1969. It was a long journey in the spacecraft. While onboard, they practiced what they would do for the camera. Neil kept on saying: “That’s right, we are now on the moon.”

Buzz said: “Buzz, buzz, no bees on the moon!!!!!”. Buzz was insane.

Michael : I’m huuuuuuuungry.        “Then have some space-food!” said Neil, sort of annoyed.

  “But I’m tired of space nuggets,”

“Then starve!”

As the rocket drew closer to its destination, Buzz was buzzing around, Michael was getting hungrier by the minute, and Neil was getting a headache. Neil was beginning to wonder if they would ever get there, when the cameraman shouted: “ There it is! The moon! We’ll be coming round the moon-tain when YOU SPEED IT UP!!!” he shouted at the driver.

“Quiet! I’m working on avoiding these meteors! With luck we’ll be there in under an hour!” hollered Driver Bob. “I want salted peanuts,” said Michael wearily.

“Fine then!” said Neil. “We’ll throw you into space, and you’ll swim through the no air back to earth, holding your breath, and buy them at the store. How’s that!”

“On second thought, I’d like to order some space nuggets. I don’t have enough energy to swim back to earth,” said Michael. “I can see the moon!!!,” screamed Buzz. “Looks like we’re going to crash!,” Michael said, frightened. “We are NOT going to crash,” said Driver Bob. “The moon just looks so big now that we are so close,”. As the shuttle neared the moon they ALL started to get excited. “It’s finally time,” Neil thought in his head, “It’s finally time.” Neil got butterflies in his stomach just as they were about 3 feet away from the moon. The cameraman got his camera ready, they were going to try to stream it live. Billions of people back home were sitting at their little box televisions. Michael’s family and Buzz’s family were at Neil’s house all huddled around the tv, waiting. They have been sitting there for nearly 6 hours watching a little black and white screen while eating homemade cookies Neil’s mom had made. It was very exciting. They all got their space suits on- even the cameraman! You could tell that they were ready. The cameraman yelled, “ACTION!”… be continued                                by Summer and Mae


My Goals For My Fourth Grade Journey:)

Fourth grade is very fun, but I also have some things that I need to work on and set goals for. Here are some of my goals. One of my goals is to bring in my homework (finished) everyday. Another goal I have is to always try my best on everything I do. And try to get along with everybody. Those are some of the goals I set for myself. I like 4th grade so far. I like 4th grade so far because of my teachers. My teachers are very nice and funny. I also like how we have our own blogs. And I love the time of our 20 minute recess. I like it at the end of the day because once we come in from recess we switch back to our homeroom and get ready to pack up and go home. Those are some things I like about 4th grade. Last year I think that I was a good student, but I think that I can become a better student by paying more attention in class, which includes not talking to the people next to me unless I am supposed to, and not playing with anything in my desk. Those are some goals and things that I need to work on.

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