Extra Credit Opportunities from Monday, January 26 to Sunday, February 1


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Extra Credit Opportunities from Monday, January 26 to Sunday, February 1

Students:  You will have a week to complete as many or as few extra credit assignments as you want to complete (Monday – Sunday.)

Achieve 3000 Articles

For each article, you must complete the four tabs at the top                              and summarize three paragraphs.


Article #1:       What’s Hiding in the Coral Reefs?             


Article #2:      Making Robots Come to Life


Article #3:      Making Cape Town Beaches Shark-Safe


Article #4:      Football Players Give to Science        


Article #5:      Another Chance for a Better Life?

(This article is written for a student in 11th grade.  If you tackle this one, please go slowly and reading critically. Good luck!)


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