School Closing/Delay Information

Early Dismissal Delay Schedule Changes

Early Dismissal Schedule Changes

This school year (2014-2015) Eastern Lancaster County School District has scheduled 4 early dismissal days throughout the year.  One kindergarten class will attend each of these days from 8:50-12:30.  The Early Dismissal Days are scheduled for:

Wednesday, September 17th-AM Kindergarten

Friday, October 3rd-PM Kindergarten

Wednesday, February 4th-AM Kindergarten

Thursday, May 28th-PM Kindergarten

Modified Kindergarten Schedule in case of inclement weather:

1-hour Delay, 2-hour Delay, 3-hour delay, Cancellation Day

(Delays typically due to snow/inclement weather)

In the event that we would experience a delay, kindergarten follows this schedule:

1 hour delay: (only the am session is changed)

am session begins at 9:50am and dismisses at regular time 11:45am

pm session begins at regular time 12:45pm and dismisses at regular time 3:30pm

2 hour delay (Modified Kindergarten):

am session begins at 10:50am and dismisses at 12:45pm

pm session begins at 1:45pm and dismisses at 3:30pm

3 hour delay—NO KINDERGARTEN

Delays/cancellations are announced on all local television and radio stations, and can be found on ELANCO’s website or WGAL’s website.  New Holland Elementary is a part of

Eastern Lancaster County School District (ELANCO).

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