Our fairy tale Part 1

     By Leila,Milani,Emily


  Once upon a time, There was a village over mountains, and oceans, hills and rainbows lived a tiny little village with fairies different sizes.  I mean it.  The smallest fairy was bullied and pushed around  , but she was the toughest fairy in all the fairy lands  .  Her muscles were bigger than her body  .The boys were regretting to mess with her  . There are also little lakes with tiny mermaid fairies .Technically there was a place for all kinds of fairies  . Even albert fairy  . ( he was the wise fairy everyone can go to.) The baby fairy cried the loudest cry he balled and he balled and he never seemed to stop  .  The judge fairy was the meanest fairy.There were even animal fairies!  Troll fairies to!

The funniest fairy was sideways fairy.  He was almost all sideways.He flopped all around and every time he walked he fell and it was historical. Then, one day they discovered ( actually Albert ) that they had an enemy name Margamel . Gargamel’s younger sister who likes fairies and wanted to capture them like Gargamel wants smurfs. Also, Margramel has a pet dog named Arzel. Interesting right?  Then one day Margamel saw a fairy home saying no fairies here 12 more hours north.  Margamel  went north 12 more hours than 12 hours later she saw a bridge she went across and two of the meanest fairies took the stakes out!  NO this is horrible than 100 fairies saved her and put her on the opposite side so they wouldn’t get them.

The fairies started to fly home to their village.12 hours later they arrived.Home sweet home they all shouted.Ba ba bababa sing a happy song.Babababababa sing a happy song Bababababa they sang all day long.  “Stop!” , One of the fairies yelled! It was Gouchy spider fairy.  Wait who is that he isn’t a fairy!  “I know I want to be a fairy so I won’t be grouchy” He said. “Fine then OK” ,They all said.  “ We have to get back home first.”Queen fairy said.  They all flew home.   Except grouchy spider .  “Today we will be accepting a new member grouchy spider”,Queen fairy said happily. They all cheered and welcomed grouchy SpiderThey finally gave him wings. Welcome Grouchy spider fairy! Hazzah! Huzzah! Hip hip Hooray! Hip hip hooray! For the new fairy! And thats how there FIRST adventure started………..

5 thoughts on “Our fairy tale Part 1

  1. G’day Milani,
    You girls have created a great start to your story.

    Can I just point out though, on your blog it is hard to see the writing because of the colours you have used and also the background you have chosen in your theme.

  2. Thank you Miss W.

    I appriciate you poining out what I should think about to fix. Maybe We might switch colors that we are writing in and I’ll see if I can change my backround if I can.

  3. i liked it when you used the song ba ba ba ba sing a happy song because it was funny

    will you do a part 2 for the story

    good job but i think you can use more adjectives

  4. i liked it when you used the song babababa sing the happy song because it was funny

    will you do a part 2 for the story

    good job but maybe you could use more adjectives

    • Yes, we have many more stories to come. we are actually working on an Adventure stories where the queen tells them to go on a quest. Well, that’s a little spoiler ain’t it? I’ll let you know when we’re done.

      Thank you!

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