Echternach’s Endnotes

August 2016

Welcome to sixth grade!  I hope you had a great summer.  I enjoyed spending time at the beach with my family, playing miniature golf with my son and niece, and reading interesting books.  The start of school is just around the corner, and I am looking forward to meeting and working with you and your families.

As a student in my homeroom, you will be a part of the Blue Team.  You will have either Mrs. Martin or Mrs. Carl for language arts, and Mrs. Henssler or me for math and content (science and social studies).  The blue team will be together for their special classes of art, music, library, phys. ed. and STEM lab.

Along with a backpack, I encourage you to have a zippered pencil pouch (the ones made for a three-ring binder work great) and an old, clean sock to use as a white board eraser.  I strongly recommend bringing in your own personal set of headphones or earbuds to keep at school.  All folders will be supplied by your teachers, including a common “Take-Home” folder.  Students should not bring binders to class.