What. Is. Happening?!? Chapter 2

When I come to, I’m tied up in a chair, and I swivel my head around to try and see my surroundings. It’s pitch black. Ironically, when I move my head, a bright spotlight flicks on and shines on me. Then a figure in a black cloak walks into the circle of light. They put out their fist. It makes me flinch, but then I realize they’re not going to punch me. On their hand is writing. It says “You aren’t a hider, LIAR.” Since I have control of my body now, I start to protest and explain, but then I don’t have control of my body anymore, AGAIN! “I” start struggling, and the hooded Figure’s hand says, “don’t.” I yell “Make me.” out loud. This extremely frightens the hooded figure, who then cowers into the shadows, and turns off the spotlight. I can still slightly see the figure, who puts on a mask and releases a gas from a gun. When it floats over to me, I gain control of myself again. But before I can think, I’ve breathed in the gas. Next thing I know, my body goes limp, but I’m still awake. The cloaked figure unties me, slugs me over their shoulder, and starts running. It starts to get hard to keep my eyes open. The last thing I see before I black out (AGAIN) is…. Darkness, and behind us, the faint sound of pounding footsteps.

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