About Me Page

My name is Sydni and here are some personality’s and things that I like. I have from A-Z. I Am A- Active. I play softball the opposite of baseball. I am also Creative. I have dogs. I have a sister named Elizabeth. F is for Friend. G is for good. H- is Happy because I’m happy. I- is for ice because I get cold easy. J- joyful because I like to do stuff. K- is for kind  because I’m kind. L- is for laugh because at my house I laugh a lot. Also M- is for Mom because I love my mom. N is nice. O- is for Obsessed because I’m obsessed with softball. P- is for Personality because I have different personality then other people. Q- is for Queen because my last name is King. R- is respectful. S- is for softball because it is my favorite sport. T- is for tough. U- is for understanding. V- is for vanilla because vanilla and chocolate. W- is for wavy because I have wavy hair. X– is for nothing because I can’t think of anything.Y- is for Young because I’m not that old. And Z- I can’t think of anything.

That is my ABC’s Thanks for reading it. I hope it gives you an explanation.