INP: People Like Us

The book that I read for my Independent Novel Project was People Like Us by Dana Mele. In this book, there is a suicide that happens at a rich private school named Bates Academy. The main character, Kay Donavan gets blackmailed by the person that committed suicide and has to figure out the puzzle before […]

News Discussion- Wk 17

In A Cup of Controversy from Achieve it talks about the beloved drink, coffee. Many people around the world drink it to wake up in the morning. But, making coffee is not environment-friendly. Traditional farmers grow them in the rainforest, and to make them more profit they are tearing down sections of trees to grow […]

INP Book Update- Wk 16

The book that I chose is People Like Us by Dana Mele. At the beginning of the book the main character, Kay Don, was out with her friends when they found a dead body. The girl sent a link to Kay before she died, and now Kay has to figure out the clues before she […]

Free Choice- Wk 15

For my free choice I decided to do a Mindmap for this week’s vocab list. Here is the link:

Recent News- Wk 14

In, Verdict Reached in Ex-Officer’s Trial, talks about the trial of Derek Chavin. He was on trial for the murder of George Floyd that happened in May 2020. After 3 long weeks, that verdict came back that he was guilty on three charges of Second-Degree Unintentional Murder, Third-Degree Murder, and Second-Degree Manslaughter. The defense attorney […]

Independent Novel Book Choice- Wk 12

The book that was selected for me was People Like Us by Dana Mele. It is about a character named Kay Donovan who is a soccer player that had a bad past and had to reinvent herself. Suddenly, a girl’s body is found in the lake and she has left a scavenger hunt on her […]

News Discussion- Wk 11- EC

In “Hygiene For Health” from Achieve3000, it talks about how ancient India kept up their hygiene and health. Their medicine system was called Ayurveda. They believed that stress causes diseases. Ancient India started shampooing with different kinds of oil to have shiny hair and to have a goodnight’s sleep. They would also use oils on […]

News Disscussion- Wk 10

  For the News Discussion, the article that I choose is Three Monmentual Women from Achieve. It talks about how Central Park in New York has many statues in it. But, there are no statues of real women. This is about to change because in August 2020 there was a new statue was unveiled. It […]