Fun Facts: Youtube

Since we use YouTube a lot I decided to fun facts about it so lets get started.

  • It was founded on February 14, 2005 that means it was found on Valentine’s Day
  • YouTube has over a billion users
  • YouTube was founded by PayPal employees
  • Google bought YouTube
  • Do you think the views bar would ever be broken, well it has on the music video “Gangnam Style”
  • If you search in YouTube search bar “do the harlem shake” the page will do it
  • The most unlike video is by Justin Bieber
  • Youtube can be used in 75 languages


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Leaving Comments -Blogging Challenge-


For my first comment I visited Sarah’s Blog. The post that I commented on  was Spelling Bee. Here is her blog URL

Hi Sarah,
My name is Sydni. Great Job on this post.I really like how you added how the other person spelled the word wrong. I would of like if you added some of the other words that you had to spell. So that I could see how hard the word is. I wonder if you will win states. Good Luck!
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The next blog I commented on was Ethan’s Blog. The post I commented on was (: If we could bring peace to the world 🙂 Here is his blog URL    Here is the comment.

Hello Ethan. Great Post. But at first I didn’t get it, but then I read it again then I got it. I like that you you use words that sound the same. I wish you added a little more story before saying to be continued. I wonder if  the PIECE of cake will help them bring PEACE to the world. Come visit my blog at


The last post I comment on was  Christmas from talking watermelon Here is the URL

Hi Talking Watermelon,
This is Sydni. Great post! I really like the joke that you did at the end I will tell my friends to visit your blog and leave a comment. I wish that you added more jokes. And I wanted a desk and I got one. I wonder what you got. My URL is


What is your favorite blog to visit?

It’s just around the corner!

    Christmas is my favorite holiday. And it is almost here. I like Christmas because in my family we spend a lot of time together on Christmas Eve and Christmas. Also I bet everyone will say presents is the best thing but I like getting present for my family and seeing their face when they open it, but I still like getting presents.😅 Another reason I like it is because the food because all the food we have is delicious. Are Christmas meal is like Thanksgiving but tinier. I love when it is cold outside and snowing because this one time at my cousins’ house we went on there golf cart and went and drove it in the yards, and the snow was going in our face.

At Christmas he spend the whole time with our family and leave at like 9:45 am and stay there to 10 pm. On Christmas morning we open are stocking first then our present so it goes small to bigger presents. I wake-up like  at 8 and try to wake my family up but it takes for ever so we usually open presents at 9 am. Christmas morning is the best because you spend a lot of time with your family.

  After opening present we all start getting ready for Christmas. My Sister usually starts making brownies or cookies.And when they are done. My family starts driving to my cousins’ house. When we get there we talk. After that, we usually start eating the food that we have. Finally the rest of the day we just play games inside and outside and hang out together. That is why I love Christmas. I hope you have a great day!christmas-1883372_640


Facts About My Country That You Might Not Know

Here are some fun facts about my country.

  • United States Of America is the seventh most country visited in the world
  • National Flower: Roseflag-1294654_640
  • Third largest country by size
  • Smallest state is Rhode island
  • Population 295,734,134 (July 2005)
  • Largest state Alaska
  • They won 46 gold medals at the Rio Olympics
  • National Bird: Bald Eagle
  • 3rd biggest by population
  • New York City is the biggest city in USA







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Places to visit

The fist place to visit would be Disney Land there is one in Orlando, Florida. And  one in California. They are fun and they have rides. Even toddles would like it because they have Mickey mouse, princess, Goofy, Donald duck and a ton of other characters. Another place to visit would be New York City. It has the Statue of Liberty. Did you know that the people of France gave it to america as a gift. Also you can go shopping and do a ton of stuff because they have anything that you could imagine. Also a place that is fun is Hawaii. Hawaii is a place that has volcanoes, beaches, sea animals. Hawaii is a nice places to relax and visit. The next place that is good to visit is the Grand Canyon. The Deepest part in the Grand Canyon is 6,000 feet. (1828.8 meters long) In between the canyon there is a river called the Colorado River.


Another place that you could visit is Washington D.C. You could see the White House. And all the other statues. Another place that is cool to visit is Yellowstone National Park. You can see geysers that explode. Also you can see hot springs. Yellowstone is a volcanic hot spot. Those are some good places to visit in the United States Of America.