May 22

Finish The Story

Hi everyone, as the title says you will have to finish the story. I mostly got inspired to do this because of Brandon, he did two “Finish The Stories” , well here is the story



I sat in my bed during the night, I couldn’t sleep it was just too humid in my room. Suddenly, WACK!!! A rock hit my window, I looked outside of the window and saw someone in a hoodie just standing outside in the rain. I got a little frightened, mostly because I was home alone and my parents were at a hotel for the weekend. I decided to be brave and sneak downstairs to get a better look at the person outside. As I was walking downstairs I heard the bushes crushing from outside, I got scared but continued to the first floor. As I was standing in the den, I looked outside of the window to see the person wasn’t there. Then I turned around to see the person standing outside of the glass door. What will I do?


Now you have to make an ending, write the ending in the comments, bye…

March 28

My Genius Hour Project-Finished

Hi everybody, I have finished my project and I actually showed my drawing’s to the class a couple day’s ago, the three  drawings that I brought in were from my favorite television show, Dragon Ball Z. If you don’t know what that is all you need to know is that it is a fighting show. With my drawings, I shaded the the sides of the characters faces and body to make it look more realistic, and with all three of them I blended the copics in the drawing’s. So yes that was my project that I showed everyone. In case you were wondering, the characters names are Goku, Frieza, and Zamasu. If I can I will try to upload images of them.

March 5

Genius-Hour Book Update

Hi everyone, I haven’t started drawing  the character’s yet but I think I’ve got a good story to the book I’m making. So here is a short summary of the book. In the future, Earth has had an invasion of robot’s, which caused many people to have to move to different planet’s to survive. Only 40% of people are now stuck on earth, including a man named Arthur who hunt’s down and destroy’s the robot’s so that he can make better use of them. But in the story, the general of the hoard, is also trying to stop Arthur from ruining his plan for control of the universe.  This is only a little summary of the story line, I still want some idea’s on how the character’s should look. I don’t know now If I can use the copic’s for this book because, I’ve used almost all of my paper for copic’s and only have 4 pages left. So I am probably not going to be using copic’s. Although I am not using the marker’s, I still believe the book will look good if you have imagination.  I know how Arthur is going to look but the general, not so much. I want the general to be an alien but also half of a robot. I will make another post when I make the character’s, bye.

February 23

Genius Hour-Book

Hi everybody, I do draw a lot but I never really make a story to my drawings, so I’m going to be making a book. For this book, it’s going to be crazy and have some fighting in it. When I get home I will start to make some characters and fit them into a kind of comic. Of course I will be using copic’s in the book, and some other drawing things too, like pencil’s. When I finish the book, I will bring it to class and let people read it, although I still want some idea’s for character’s, so if you have any idea’s, please tell me about them. I’ll make another post when I’m in the process of making the book, bye.

February 3

Genius-Hour-Project, My Question

Hi everyone, My teacher told us to make questions that we have about our Genius-Hours. My question was “What copic markers blend well, and which ones don’t”. I did a question that you can’t just answer on google, I did a question that you have to solve for yourself because it’s your own opinion. My teacher also said that we need to come up with a project for our question. So I did some research and it appears to me that most people like blending with the primary colors and some metal colors like gold and silver. For my project I’m going to be drawing several drawings, with the copic’s I’m going to pull multiple markers to see which ones blend well and which ones don’t blend well. I might finish this project really early, probably in a couple of days. So when I finish I will be doing more questions and more projects. That’s all for now, bye


Here’s My Sources

My Favorite Copic Color Combos

January 29


Hi everyone, So I am almost done with all of my drawings, all I need is to outline them with a copic multi liner/pen. Once I have officially finished my drawings, I will present them to the class including  all of my materials. Recently I have gotten a new pack of markers. These markers are called floral favorites. The Floral favorites pack, is a set of different colors like purple, pink, and green. I am still wondering what to use this pack for. If you have any ideas of what I should draw with this pack, write it down in the comments. I have recently made a surprisingly awesome drawing. I was just drawing for fun and I then realized how good that drawing was. When it is finished I am obviously bringing that one to class. Before I present it I will give a hint to my friends and anyone who knows me, it is something from my favorite TV show. I’ll make a post when I know what to draw with the floral favorites pack, bye.

Here’s a picture of the Floral favorites pack

 From Google

January 10

Genius-Hour My New Markers

Hi everyone, so yes I did get my new copic markers for Christmas. As soon as I saw them, I ran up stairs and started drawing. They work pretty well with shading. They make a nice blend of colors and dry pretty quickly. They do bleed through the paper though, but at least it doesn’t bleed onto other pieces of paper. My mom didn’t know which set of markers I wanted, so she got me the pack with all the primary colors. That’s not all, currently it is January 2nd, and on the third is my birthday. On my birthday my mom said she would get me more copic markers. The markers I asked for were the skin tone set, and an earth color set.  I know I am going to love using the markers it’s going to be very exciting. When I get more markers and start using the skin tone set I will be sure to make another post,bye.



Here’s a video about the skin tone set


December 21

Genius-Hour New Project

Hi everyone, so I have been working on photo shop for a while now. But I want to try something different something that i’m really interested in. What I want to try that I’m not perfect at is drawing. I decided to do drawing because, it is something I’m not perfect at  but I’m not saying I’m bad at it either. When I was little I would always draw pictures for myself and hang them on the fridge, surprisingly they weren’t bad.

Even today I think I’m good at drawing, but I want to start doing it with special markers and pens. The marker I want to work with is called a copic marker. A copic marker can make a drawing stand out. It can shade parts of the drawing to make it look more realistic, and they have this marker in every color. I also want to use a pen from the same brand it’s called a copic pen.

A copic pen is a pen used to make a drawing stand out. Your supposed to trace the lines of your drawing and make it darker and smooth. I am really excited to do this and can’t wait to get the markers. I might get them on Christmas so I will tell you guys how good they are when I get them,bye.