October 29

Independent reading update

I’ve ben reading the book “Hatchet” a lot recently and I’m now I’d say maybe a fourth of the way through the book. So far the main character named Brian has created a shelter in the woods and has used his hatchet to hunt animals. He experienced trauma in is life before the eves of the book, and throughout the book he is constantly thinking about it.

October 29


I started reading a book called Hatchet, its about a boy who gets stranded somewhere in the middle of the woods. So far it is really good, I’ve only read a few pages but so far a lot of things have happened…

October 29

Vocab Words Unit Two Sentences

I’ve made 4 statements for ten of the vocab words, 3 are true and one is a lie. Can you find the lie?




Studying for the test tomorrow is a good tactic to ace the test.

If we use the tactic I’ve come up with then we’ll surely win the game.

The fact that I didn’t review the homework assignment before turning it in was a great tactic.

The enemy had the upperhand as there tactic was to ambush us.



The way Tommy dragged his heavy boots across the ground was very lambent.

Lambent could be described as a fire flickering in the dark.

The glow of the firefly had a very lambent effect.

Jimmy calmly brushed the soft blanket in a lambent manner.



The huge sea monster coming out of the ocean could be described as a leviathan.

An elephant is a leviathan compared to an ant.

The very small bug was a leviathan in size.

A leviathan is described in the bible.



People who abide by the teachings of the bible can be viewed as heretics.

A heretic is someone who has different beliefs than the teachings of the bible.

Heretics might disagree with statements said in the bible.

One who is a heretic might believe some of the things in the bible are false or not true.



Amphibious means something can live on land and in water.

A frog for example could be known as amphibious.

Fish are also an amphibious animal.

Amphibious is another word for amphibian



A soviet who is trained to go to outer space is a cosmonaut.

American astronauts are also cosmonauts.

Cosmonauts have a dangerous but interesting job.

Cosmonauts need a lot of training to go to space.



Meaning strict.

If someone is usually very serious about a certain rule or rules then they must be stern.

A carefree person can be described as stern.

Stern people usually take the rules of something very seriously.



If a boat turned bottom side up then it has been capsized

A ship top side up can be described as capsized

The word capsize means bottom side up

Capsize can also mean upset



Formulate means to come up with something

Making a secret plan can be formulating

If you don’t think of something then its formulating

The word formulate is similar to formula



When someone has lost all respect from there piers they could be called a disgrace

Losing honor from something means your a disgrace.

Having respect from your peers could mean your a disgrace

Disgrace is a harsh word






May 22

Finish The Story

Hi everyone, as the title says you will have to finish the story. I mostly got inspired to do this because of Brandon, he did two “Finish The Stories” , well here is the story



I sat in my bed during the night, I couldn’t sleep it was just too humid in my room. Suddenly, WACK!!! A rock hit my window, I looked outside of the window and saw someone in a hoodie just standing outside in the rain. I got a little frightened, mostly because I was home alone and my parents were at a hotel for the weekend. I decided to be brave and sneak downstairs to get a better look at the person outside. As I was walking downstairs I heard the bushes crushing from outside, I got scared but continued to the first floor. As I was standing in the den, I looked outside of the window to see the person wasn’t there. Then I turned around to see the person standing outside of the glass door. What will I do?


Now you have to make an ending, write the ending in the comments, bye…