October 31

Happy Halloween

                          Muahaha hehe happy Halloween everybody. I know there’s only a couple more days till Halloween so get ready for a scare. What do you do on Halloween? Do you go trick or treating or have a party? What costume are you going to wear this year. You can tell all that in the comments. And be sure to check out my blog I have lots of cool  and exciting stories on it. 

October 5

Tate’s Avatar.

Tatonator I know I have already made this but I will post it again this is my avatar that I made last year it is suppose to be me with my red coat and giant hair it looks like me a lot and I have a giant pencil lol.

September 22

Storm Chasers

I liked this book I learned a lot about storm chasers. One things for sure they chase storms. Storm chasers usual do it just for fun others do it for learning. Although the job is pretty dangerous,A flood could happen or they could be sucked into the tornado. Usually you want to stay away from tornadoes but storm chasers do the opposite. Lightning is also very dangerous if you get struck by it well you probably know by now. Although it’s dangerous and could kill you I would love to see a tornado up close.

May 31

Minecraft Story #2



Minecraft Story #2


Superminer: Color:Green. Minecraft Name: SuperMiner Blog Link:    http://blog.elanco.org/zookpe9/    

Dane: Color Brown Blog link. http://blog.elanco.org/newswang5s4/   Minecraft name: Steve.

Dimitriy: Color:Red. Blog Link: http://blog.elanco.org/dubskiyeo1/      Dim Dim.

Jacob : Color: Blue. Blog Link: http://blog.elanco.org/brammkr9/      Jake.

Tate: Color: black. Blog link.  http://blog.elanco.org/infantewl5/  Minecraft name: Tate


While the group was still trapped in the cave, they had no food or water. Then they started walking and they met some guys that were mining. They blew up something and they found a big hole there. They climbed out of the hole and started searching for land to build a house. They had walked for hours until they finally found a place to build their house. They planned what their house should look like and started to build. It turned dark and a bunch of zombies came out of nowhere and started to attack them. Then they  all the zombies. (Wham) (Kazam) The zombies were no more. Then an army of creepers came out of nowhere and  KABOOM!!! They blew up their land. Everybody landed in a village with no home no land and no nothing.   

        Then they found perfect land! It was flat beautiful, and had tons of scenery! But then all of a sudden RAIDERS took over the land and quickly built a castle over it. And then Super Miner gave the raiders of piece of his mind (not literally). But the raiders got angry and captured the group. And took away all their items and put them in a trap chest. Then they got put in minecraft cells, and were weak and had no weapons, and they were all in separate cells. But then Steve broke the bars with his bare fists but that made his hands weak, and then he pulled the lever that opened all the cells and Superminer, Dim Dim, Tate, and Jake were all free including Steve. And they opened up that chest and got their items back. But there was one problem that chest they opened activated a redstone signal, and TNT blew up around them but didn’t it even damage them. And they could finally get out. And they made it away. They had to get away far because they knew that the raiders would eventually find them. Then they began construction of their new house. 5 MC years later. They finally were done with their house. Then while they were asleep they heard weird noises and none of them could sleep because there was a mob nearby. Then they heard the noises from underground. So they dug up all the dirt and stone. And found a mob spawner. The mob spawner was for creepers. So they quickly had to break it. Then a creeper spawned and BOOM!!! The creeper blew up the mob spawner but did not hurt anyone. So they put all the dirt and stone back and went to sleep. The story will continue.

May 26

Minecraft Story 1



  Minecraft Story #1


Superminer: Color:Green. Minecraft Name: SuperMiner Blog Link:    http://blog.elanco.org/zookpe9/    

Dane: Color Brown Blog link. http://blog.elanco.org/newswang5s4/   Minecraft name: Steve.

Dimitriy: Color:Red. Blog Link: http://blog.elanco.org/dubskiyeo1/      Dim Dim.

Jacob : Color: Blue. Blog Link: http://blog.elanco.org/brammkr9/      Jake.

Tate: Color: black. Blog link.  http://blog.elanco.org/infantewl5/  Minecraft name: Tate

         Once there were 5 minecrafters one named Steve the other named Super Miner the other named Jake and one named Dim Dim. And the last was Tate.

They had built a beautiful house. But then they walked up to their watchtower and saw an abandoned village. They looked at it and    

Super Miner said,”It maybe has diamond in it we should go check.” So they went to it they checked in the chest and it had 1 diamond. They walked away from the house but all of a sudden a creeper came up to them, and they ran and fell into a hole. “Ouch!” Yelled Steve when they hit the bottom.

    It was dark,but they had torches. They only had 128 though. They added some to the  smooth stone walls.  As they ventured farther into the cave they needed to use more and more torches. Then Dim Dim yelled,

“creeper!”.“Hisssssssss!”.BOOM!  The creeper exploded. Nobody was injured. Very lucky.Then they started going in farther.  They saw an Endermen.  He kept hitting them over and over. Then they destroyed it. Whew. They came to a pit of fiery lava. They made a bridge across with cobblestone. They kept going.  Then gravel fell from the ceiling when Tate tried to mine some for flint and steel. They ran away. They only had 63 torches left.

But they kept on venturing on further and further, until they finally ran out of torches. They just stood there, in the dark, until they saw a shadowy creature come out of the darkness. SPIDER JOCKEY!!!! AHHHHHHH!!!! “Run for your lives!” Dim Dim screamed.They just kept running and running until they found their old torches and started sprinting back to the hole. Finally, they found it, and climbed out. But right when they climbed out they stumbled into a creeper. It exploded, knocked them back into the hole, and, worst of all, they only had half a heart left.

Then everybody started walking back and picking up their torches. Once they had them all they started putting them down to go further. They had gone about 30 meters and they saw some random animals there. They destroyed them and started eating the meat from them. Once they were finished they started walking again. Then they saw a shadowy creature. It came around the corner. Standing there were 3 little kid zombies that are super fast. They started running, but they couldn’t run fast enough. Then the zombies caught them and then they only had three and a half  hearts left.

         They had to get away. Luckily Steve had a bucket of lava on him and he set it down on the midget zombie. The zombie was gone but they were still stuck in the cave. The had to get out of the cave so they went exploring down different cave systems. And they all looked pretty dangerous so they got out their swords and bows. Dim Dim went far down in the cave and found a mob spawner. The mob spawner was for a bunch of creepers. Then 2 creepers spawned and chased Dim Dim. And everybody experienced a mob spawner and they were all different. Each of them ran out of the caves and met. Then they got their swords out.

Then they all kept on walking then found a skeleton they destroyed it  and luckily the skeleton dropped a bow and arrows. And luckily they found the world’s best ravine! And amazingly when they mine one block into the ravine they found diamonds! One for everybody to have an extra in case they run out eventually. And they walked out of the ravine and bumped into obsidian luckily they had diamonds to get out of there. And when they guessed that obsidian they found a midget zombie riding on a chicken! And they tried to capture the zombie not destroy it, but failed. `   

Then they kept on walking. Then out of nowhere 5 cave spiders attacked them. Then they started to attack. They each had their own cave spider. Tate got bit by a cave spider and was poisoned. He lived,but  he still had poison in his body. Jake gave him some food and milk and he was healed and had 4 hearts left.  Then they ate food until they had full hunger and health8 bars.  

Then they started to walk some more until they ran out breath and finally needed a break.Dim Dim was so tired he fell asleep. Soon enough, everyone else did, too. They left all their food, torches, and water on the floor next to the place that they were sleeping. But while they were sleeping, someone in a dark cloak came and sto all their stuff and ran away.

Too be continued….     Attribution: Bago Games via Flickr  

May 24

What A Year

My teacher has put up a challenge of showing what we learned this year I will say them all

1 I learned about blogging this year and how to make my writing better.

2 This year I grew with blogging mostly at the end of the year.

3 Some areas that I need to continue growing into blogging are Quotes and others.

4 My Strengths are making epic stories.

5 My weakness is making mistakes.

6 My favorite class is reading because in reading I can continue blogging.

7 When I first started blogging I thought that I could never be good at blogging but I grew since the days passed on and look at me now.

8 For next year I want to get better at blogging and continue my blog.

9 My best post so far is still space pumpkins because it has good writing and a great twist.

Those were the reasons why my Blog is special.

May 19

Surge By Tate

Surge By Tate

        If we had no electricity we couldn’t see at night or watch tv or even invent the future. That was my report about electricity. “Good job Allen” My teacher Mrs Krample said. My name is Allen Mulber and some might say I’m kinda wimpy but I think I’m pretty cool with my Brown Blondish hair or with my perfectly white teeth. And if we didn’t have power we couldn’t see all of that. Right outside it’s kinda gloomy out because this week were supposed get really bad thunderstorms. So I was stuck inside with nothing to do. Then all of a sudden the power turned off. My mother lit a

     candle until the power turned on. My father went down in the basement to check what’s making the power turn off. He went down stairs and looked at the motor. He tried flicking the power back on but nothing happened. Then over behind the stairs he heard something moving. He ran up the stairs and something grabbed his leg “Ahhhh Allen help Ahhhhh” I pulled him up the stairs and his leg was a little hurt but he was okay. He said something grabbed his leg. Mother said it probably was a wild cat but I think it was ridiculous because a scratch that big it definitely was no cat. We locked all the doors so nothing could get in or out. Then all of a sudden the power turned back on but the lights would not. Then the tv popped up one of those warning signals which makes the beeping noises. It said that a tornado was going to hit right near our house. Then a tornado all big and black. Ahhhh. It ripped the roof right off our house and picked me up soaring into the sky. Then I started falling straight to the ground and POOF!!! I woke up in bed? I got out of bed and it was morning. The sun was shining bright. And the power was on I must’ve had a dream. I thought when I saw my legs wrapped in a cast. When ever there was a storm I now hide in the basement.

May 13

The Big Read

stock-photo-lemons-with-leaves-on-a-white-background-135037034The Big Read is what everybody in my school (Blue Ball) celebrate.The Big Read is where every student has to read a chapter of a book everyday and the book is called Lemonade War. Also our 6th graders and 5th graders are selling lemonade to see who can sell the most Lemonade and if one of the does they get a prize. The Big Read. And there are a lot of activities for The Big Read. And there a lot of prizes too.  And if you get a lot of questions right on the Big Read you get prizes. Although I don’t know what they are but they must be really good prizes. The Big Read is really Big this year.

May 10

Week 9 Blog Challenge What I want my future to be.

Week 9 Blog Challenge By Tate

                                              What I want my future to be.


           What I want to be.

   I want to be something Extraordinary when I grow up I don’t just want to be a repairman or working at Walmart I want to be something amazing so when I grow up I want to be a director because. A director makes movies that people will watch and if we didn’t have directors you couldn’t watch any of your favorite movies because directors direct the movie. And directors can make a lot of money from making one movie.


                            Why I want to be it.

     I want to be a director because ever since I always loved making mini movies on my youtube channel. And I would enjoy making things that seem real but they really aren’t. And I like getting attention from people and being a director makes good money. Also I think directors get to keep some of the sets they make so if I got to keep one of the sets I made I would probably play around with it. Also I think being a director would suit me.

                             Those were the reasons why I want to be a director.stock-photo-video-movie-cinema-concept-retro-camera-flash-clapperboard-and-director-s-chair-in-dark-studio-227589325 director-1013873_1280 I got these pictures from https://pixabay.com/