December 1

what I do on Thanksgiving

Hi Everyone, Thanksgiving is in a couple days and there is so much to do on that day. when it is Thanksgiving my family makes all sorts of food for example. Turkey,Sweet potatoes,corn,pumpkin pie, and a whole bunch of others. My mom makes the sweet potatoes only for me because I love sweet potatoes and nobody eats them. After everyone has ate and is full we put the leftovers in the fridge and hand out some of the food to our guests. After that we settle down and watch Charlie Brown’s Thanksgiving. And at the end everyone leaves and Thanksgiving is over and a new day starts. What do you do on Thanksgiving?

October 20


I think I will succeed in photo shop, I’ve learned how to add images to other images but also to make cool art with it. I think I’ve chose a good choice and am getting better and better with this by the day. You can learn how to photo shop too it doesn’t take long to do it and it’s easy.


here’s another video 🙂

October 18


I tried photo shopping an image and it turned out great, I think I’m getting the hang of this. I think that photo shopping is just for me because I like to draw and make art,With photo shop that can make images look real. I think I will succeed in doing this and that it really interests me. I will try to do harder stuff on this in the future but I am still learning. In the meantime I will just do the easy stuff.


here is another video:)

October 13


So I guess filmography didn’t really work for me that well, Instead of doing  filmography I decided I want to learn how to Photoshop because. Photo shopping means when you take a photo of something and add different things to the image for example, You could get picture of a giraffe and put cool sunglasses on it and add lighting to the background. I wanted to do this because I found it very interesting because I like to draw ,but with Photoshop that would make my life 10 times easier.


Here is a video to explain how Photoshop works 🙂




October 12

Genius Hour-Filmography

A new skill I would like to learn is filmography because. My cousin wants to be a director some day but he had to start out small so he made a you tube channel and learned how to make sound effects, Photoshop, draw on videos and tons others too. I saw him do it and decided I wanted to do it to. Although I want to do it, things will be rough sometimes trying figure things out. It takes a long time to figure out and learn how to do that but I think I will be able to do it. Things might not work out and I may need to try something else. Well for right now I will just stick with what I want.

October 31

Happy Halloween

                          Muahaha hehe happy Halloween everybody. I know there’s only a couple more days till Halloween so get ready for a scare. What do you do on Halloween? Do you go trick or treating or have a party? What costume are you going to wear this year. You can tell all that in the comments. And be sure to check out my blog I have lots of cool  and exciting stories on it. 

October 5

Tate’s Avatar.

Tatonator I know I have already made this but I will post it again this is my avatar that I made last year it is suppose to be me with my red coat and giant hair it looks like me a lot and I have a giant pencil lol.

September 22

Storm Chasers

I liked this book I learned a lot about storm chasers. One things for sure they chase storms. Storm chasers usual do it just for fun others do it for learning. Although the job is pretty dangerous,A flood could happen or they could be sucked into the tornado. Usually you want to stay away from tornadoes but storm chasers do the opposite. Lightning is also very dangerous if you get struck by it well you probably know by now. Although it’s dangerous and could kill you I would love to see a tornado up close.

May 31

Minecraft Story #2


Minecraft Story #2


Superminer: Color:Green. Minecraft Name: SuperMiner Blog Link:    

Dane: Color Brown Blog link.   Minecraft name: Steve.

Dimitriy: Color:Red. Blog Link:      Dim Dim.

Jacob : Color: Blue. Blog Link:      Jake.

Tate: Color: black. Blog link.  Minecraft name: Tate


While the group was still trapped in the cave, they had no food or water. Then they started walking and they met some guys that were mining. They blew up something and they found a big hole there. They climbed out of the hole and started searching for land to build a house. They had walked for hours until they finally found a place to build their house. They planned what their house should look like and started to build. It turned dark and a bunch of zombies came out of nowhere and started to attack them. Then they  all the zombies. (Wham) (Kazam) The zombies were no more. Then an army of creepers came out of nowhere and  KABOOM!!! They blew up their land. Everybody landed in a village with no home no land and no nothing.   

        Then they found perfect land! It was flat beautiful, and had tons of scenery! But then all of a sudden RAIDERS took over the land and quickly built a castle over it. And then Super Miner gave the raiders of piece of his mind (not literally). But the raiders got angry and captured the group. And took away all their items and put them in a trap chest. Then they got put in minecraft cells, and were weak and had no weapons, and they were all in separate cells. But then Steve broke the bars with his bare fists but that made his hands weak, and then he pulled the lever that opened all the cells and Superminer, Dim Dim, Tate, and Jake were all free including Steve. And they opened up that chest and got their items back. But there was one problem that chest they opened activated a redstone signal, and TNT blew up around them but didn’t it even damage them. And they could finally get out. And they made it away. They had to get away far because they knew that the raiders would eventually find them. Then they began construction of their new house. 5 MC years later. They finally were done with their house. Then while they were asleep they heard weird noises and none of them could sleep because there was a mob nearby. Then they heard the noises from underground. So they dug up all the dirt and stone. And found a mob spawner. The mob spawner was for creepers. So they quickly had to break it. Then a creeper spawned and BOOM!!! The creeper blew up the mob spawner but did not hurt anyone. So they put all the dirt and stone back and went to sleep. The story will continue.