Policies & Induction

Nominees- Thank you for considering joining NHS!  Please download, print, and complete the NHS Nominee Packet here: NHS Student Activities Form

Note: ALL Nominee Packets are due in room 514 by Friday, September 13. 2019 at 3 pm.

Induction Packet Requirement – Recommendation Form: Recommendation Form PDF


For Your Reference: NHS Probation Policy, effective Spring 2015:  NHS Probationary Policy PDF


NHS Induction process:

Admission Requirements

Attention Parents and Potential NHS Inductees

Becoming a member of National Honor Society involves a multi-step process.

Membership in NHS is a privilege – not a right.


Please read the following information with a parent and/or guardian.

  1. Following the second marking period of each academic year, the society advisor will compile a list of students in grades 11 and 12 who are academically eligible for membership in the Senior High National Honor Society. To be academically eligible, students must have a minimum grade point average of 3.75. Academic standing (scholarship) is only one of four criteria for membership. Eligible students must also demonstrate OUTSTANDING and CONSISTENT leadership, character, and service.
  1. The list of academically eligible (scholarship) students will be posted outside the high school office. The posting of this list will be publicized on KGSH.
  1. Academically eligible students will be invited to complete the NHS Nominee Form that is available on the Garden Spot NHS website. Eligible students are responsible for completing this online form and submitting it by the designated date and time. No forms will be accepted after this deadline. NO EXCEPTIONS.
  1. Completed Student Activity Forms will be evaluated by the entire faculty for the individual student’s demonstration of the other three criteria required for NHS membership: leadership, character, and service. After submitting the NHS Nominee Form, candidates will be evaluated by GSHS faculty in these criteria.
  1. A Membership Committee (Faculty Council) consisting of 7 members and the faculty advisor (membership is confidential) will be given the completed Activity Forms to review before it meets as a whole. Student Activity Forms will be examined for evidence of the three additional cornerstones of membership: leadership, service, and character. These cornerstones are equally important and must be proven equally through the information provided by the student.
  1. After reviewing the Activity Forms, the Membership Committee (Faculty Council) will meet to select students who demonstrate OUTSTANDING performance in all four criteria of scholarship, leadership, character, and service. The Membership Committee (Faculty Council) will also review the faculty evaluations to guide them. In this meeting, the NHS advisor serves as facilitator and does not vote on membership. The Membership committee consists of 2 non-voting and 5 voting members.
  1. When the Membership Committee (Faculty Council) meets to review the ominee Forms and faculty evaluations, a vote will be taken. A vote of 3 or higher is necessary for acceptance into NHS.
  1. Students will be notified of selection or non-selection roughly one-two weeks before the NHS induction ceremony held in early October.
  1. National Honor Society members will be expected to exhibit and maintain high standards of character, leadership, service, and scholarship and involve themselves in the chapter’s activities. This includes active participation in fundraisers and that support NHS activities and organization service projects.


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