Who We Are

Our Officers

Nate Myers, President 

About Nate: “I’m a Senior during this 2016-2017 school year, and had the pleasure of undertaking the deputy officer role last year as a Junior. Through that experience I learned how the club runs behind the scenes and was able to make a smooth transition into the role that I currently hold, as President. Some of my interests include sports such as baseball, reading the nerdiest of the comic books, and riding motorcycles. I have two jobs, one on a dairy farm and one at a produce stand over the weekends. Future plans include going to college and getting a job that will positively impact the world in some way. But before that I look forward to this year of NHS happenings, and making my small imprint on the community around me.”

Duties: The primary duty of the President is to preside over meetings, both Officers’ and General.  Additionally, the President is responsible for drafting the agenda for each meeting,


Cheyenne Hansen, Vice President

About Cheyenne:

I am a current senior and have been an active member of National Honor Society for two years. I am honored to fulfill the Vice President position, and I am excited to watch our organization develop throughout the 2016-2017 school year. Aside from NHS, I am a member of Garden Spot’s cross country and track and field teams, and I partake in the GS Student Life Club. Outside of school, I am a cashier and waitress at Antonio’s Pizza. Other hobbies of mine include cooking, traveling, running, and spending time with friends and family. In the future, I plan on attending college to major in Supply Chain Management.

Duties: The Vice President is responsible for presiding over meetings in the absence of the president.  The Vice President is responsible for Public Relations, including drafting posters, announcements, thank you letters, etc.


Julie Nguyen , Secretary

About Julie:

Hi, my name is Julie Nguyen and I am the secretary of NHS! My hobbies include playing the piano, drawing, and playing ping-pong. I am grateful that I was elected into an officer position and hope to help make this a great year for NHS.

Duties: The secretary is to keep accurate minutes of all meetings, and to record all voting procedures.


Doug Kurtz, Treasurer

About Doug:

I was inducted into NHS late in my Sophomore year, and since then I have been eager to become more involved in the organization. As treasurer, I make an effort (external to my official duties) to encourage my peers to uphold the pillars of National Honor Society in their own personal lives. Hence, I am a compassionate supporter of animal rights and am dedicated towards protecting the environment. As well, I look forward to voting in the upcoming 2016 election; I am fairly politically involved in local democratic party campaign efforts. After high school, I plan to pursue education in biology/environmental science and hope to someday have a career researching  ways to better preserve nature.

Duties: The treasurer is responsible for keeping a record of business expenses, and along with the club advisor, authorize expenses in accordance with school regulations.  The treasurer is responsible for the fundraising activities of the chapter.


Zechariah Conroy, Historian

About Zech:

Hi! I’m Zech and I am the historian for NHS! I am a fairly outgoing person who is very excited to be an officer for our chapter of NHS. I tend to be a little out of the box and I’m hoping I can bring a unique spin to our NHS. Some things I do outside of NHS is manage 2 of our sports teams, and I play on the boys volleyball team. I do a lot of volunteering at my church. And in my free time I play basketball and lots of guitar. I am honored to be elected to this position and I hope I can serve it well.

Duties: The historian will document NHS meetings, service events, fundraisers and NHS activities.  They are responsible for adding to the club scrapbook and maintaining the NHS blog.

Blake Martin, Junior Deputy

About Blake:

Hi! My name is Blake Hurst and I am a 17 year old junior in high school. While I’m not in school or studying for a class, I enjoy doing things that involve being with people. Hanging with friends hits the top of the list for me! I love going on fun adventures and exploring new places. Instagram and Facebook are the first to see these places as I enjoy taking pictures along the way! I also like playing volleyball and working out with friends. So that’s me!


Duties: The Junior Deputy is a member who is not a senior who is projected to be an officer next year. They are an officer so that they can be a sponge, absorbing all knowledge about how NHS is run. This is to that next year there is at least one person who knows what to do as an officer.


Our Members

  • C. Seth Babb
  • Zechariah Conroy
  • Taylor Dickson
  • Heather Dillman
  • Aubrey Eberly
  • Samantha Eberly
  • Travis Fischer
  • Jourdan Forrester
  • Rachel Fulford
  • Meghan Gehr
  • Rebecca Gordner
  • Paula Groff
  • Cole Halpin
  • Cheyenne Hansen
  • Janae Hershey
  • Ethan Horning
  • William Horning
  • Amanda Horst
  • Camryn Horst
  • Austin Hostetter
  • Joshua Houck
  • Aaron Hungerford
  • Adam Hungerford
  • Rachel Hungerford
  • Blake Hurst
  • Megan Jefferis
  • Douglas Kurtz
  • Trevor Lehman
  • Elena Martin
  • Kelly Martin
  • Samantha Martin
  • Elaine Mast
  • Misty Matesig
  • Skylar Mohler
  • Olivia Mundorff
  • Abbey Muscato
  • Nathan Myers
  • Julie Nguyen
  • Brandon Ramiro
  • Samantha Shirk
  • Zachary Skinner
  • Ryan Smith
  • Laura Snader
  • Angela Strock
  • Jessica Swisher
  • Simon Taylor
  • Seth Thomas
  • Carley Troop
  • Brooke Weinhold
  • Tierra Zimmerman

Our Advisors

Mr. Harris (Room 1008) & Mrs. Harris (Room 514)

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