Who We Are

Our Officers

Anna Armbruster, President 


Duties: The primary duty of the President is to preside over meetings, both Officers’ and General.  Additionally, the President is responsible for drafting the agenda for each meeting,


Thea Martin, Vice President


Duties: The Vice President is responsible for presiding over meetings in the absence of the president.  The Vice President is responsible for Public Relations, including drafting posters, announcements, thank you letters, etc.


Hannah Hostetler, Secretary

Duties: The secretary is to keep accurate minutes of all meetings, and to record all voting procedures.


Elle Hallquist, Treasurer


Duties: The treasurer is responsible for keeping a record of business expenses, and along with the club advisor, authorize expenses in accordance with school regulations.  The treasurer is responsible for the fundraising activities of the chapter.


Marissa Spacht, Historian


Duties: The historian will document NHS meetings, service events, fundraisers and NHS activities.  They are responsible for adding to the club scrapbook and maintaining the NHS blog.

TBA, Junior Deputy Duties: The Junior Deputy is a member who is not a senior who is projected to be an officer next year. They are an officer so that they can be a sponge, absorbing all knowledge about how NHS is run. This is to that next year there is at least one person who knows what to do as an officer.


Our Members

Our Advisors

Mr. Harris (Room 1008) & Mrs. Harris (Room 514)

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