Bridge to Terabithia Review

I think that Bridge to Terabithia is a really good book. I highly suggest you read this book for the following reasons. Bridge to Terabithia is kind of a shorter book but that is the kind of books that I like. This books has so many different settings that it keeps the reader entertained throughout the whole book.  One thing that I really like about the book is the suspense that you feel after you read the back of the book. The back of the book just makes you want to read more. At first the book might not be to interesting but as you read farther and farther throughout the story you will kind of get hooked.

One reason that I also liked Bridge to Terabithia is the characters and just the exciting events. All but all of the events in the story lead into something big at the end. The whole book just kind of flows together greatly. This book is also good because the setting in the book changes a lot. Another thing is that the book really describes the characters life style and how they live. You really get to know the character after you start reading the book.

What Would You do if You Won the Lottery?

What would you do with your winnings from the lottery? You could buy a supercar, a mansion, start your own company. If I won the lottery I think that I would give some to my family and donate some to people in need. That would only cost like 10 million dollars, from the lottery I would win around like 30 million dollars. With all of that extra spending cash after I give some away I would buy some really cool and expensive things. In this other paragraph I will give you a reason and things that I would spend all of that money on.

This is that I would spend my money on would be a really nice house to fit all of my friends and family. In this house I will have a couple of basketball courts and soccer pitches. This house will have 10 bedrooms and each one will have its own bathroom and mini fridge.  One thing that I would then add in the future is a massive fountain the front of the house when you drive through the gates. This house will also have a 20 car garage so all of my friends and family have their own parking spot for their car. Along the way of owning the house I will probably make some changes to upgrade it just a tiny bit. That Is what I would spend my lottery money

My New Year’s Goals

Goal 1: My first goal for 2020 is to exercise with my dad more often. I really want to complete this goal so that way I am in better condition for soccer tryouts. If I am in this good condition I should make the A team with no doubts. I am also trying to push myself to the limits so that way I have a better chance of playing college. This would help with my game because if I am fast I can run right by everyone. If I am stronger I will be able to shoulder players off the ball more often and more effectively.

Goal 2: My second goal for 2020 is to be a better soccer player. I could become a really good soccer player if I complete goal 1. In order to become a good soccer player I will have to work hard every day in order to make myself stronger as a person and as a player. I will also have to work hard in school to keep A’s on my report card. This will help me in the long run because the first thing a scout asks you is your GPA. That is my New Year’s goals.


Read the statement from the passage.

“When Maggie set her mind to a thing, no one could stop her.”

Write an essay analyzing how the events in the passage prove the statement is true. Use evidence from the passage to support your response.

When Maggie puts her mind to something, it happens. I will talk about in the next paragraphs about how Maggie paid rent with a snowball in june.  Also how she walked 400 miles to pay her rent to the earl in jail. 

Reason one why Maggie is unstoppable when she puts her mind  to it is she paid rent when the crops were not growing. Since the crops were not growing her husband Thomas wanted to sell the farm for money. Maggie did not like that idea because they put too much time into it and she did not want to give it up. Maggie decided to talk to the earl about the rent and he said ‘if you can bring me a snowball in the middle of June consider your rent paid ‘. So Maggie walked back to the farm and got two rocks and wedged snow in between them and covered them up. That is how Maggie paid her rent in the middle of June with a snowball. This evidence shows how she paid rent and how her husband Thomas did not stop her from paying rent. This evidence also shows how Maggie did it.

Reason two, Maggie traveled long distances to save the earl from jail. Maggie saved up all of her gold and baked in a bannock.  She is making a bannock with gold in it to give to the earl so he can pay himself out of jail using gold. Maggie had to dress like a man because the people fighting in the war would not let women fight. As the bannock was done Maggie started to walk a 400 mile journey just to pay the earl out of jail. Maggie was so determined that she planned the whole thing out. She even saved extra gold to pay the guard to see the earl and give him the bannock. After the earl got out of jail he said that since Maggie has saved the earl from jail she and her husband have no more rent at all. This evidence shows that Maggie was determined to reepay the earl by getting him out of jail. It also shows how she was brave and determined to get passed the guards and walk 400 miles just to get the earl out of jail

When Maggie puts her mind to something, nobody can stop her. Maggie was so determined to pay the rent she kept a snowball in the middle of June. She also walked 400 miles to get the earl out of jail. I think that is pretty amazing if you ask me.

GG 12 Flier

By Braedyn Brill

Global Goal 12 

Responsible consumption 

What it means to be a responsible consumer  

If you are a responsible consumer you are always be mindful of what you buy. You are also looking out for what kinds of food that you’re eating.  This could go a long way if you just do these couple of things.

Why this is important 

This is important because if we don’t do those things above things could get really messy.First,  one third of the food on people’s plates are wasted. Second, water pollution is also getting worse. Third,  land pollution is also getting really bad.

How can you be more responsible 

You can be responsible by not wasting as much food. You can also cut down on the use of plastic. You also can make responsible choices when you are buying things. When you go to the grocery store you can use reusable bags instead of plastic ones.  That could help the community soo much.  


If you want to stop wasted do all of these things above.   



Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday.  In the next to paragraphs I will tell you more about why it is my favorite. The two main things I am going to talk about is the food, and all of my family members get to come over.

The food that we have at our thanksgiving is really good. My Mom and my grandmother make all of the food.  Me and my dad help out by cleaning the table, setting the table and all of that other fun stuff. My mom makes food like turkey, stuffing, green beans, carrots, corn, gravy, yams, and ham.  But one thing my mom does not make is the mashed potatoes.  My dad makes the best mashed potatoes.  My dad also makes a seperate turkey on the smoker. It taste so goooood. After the food cooks for about two hours (which feels like 7 hours) we all sit down at our table in the dining room because that one can sit 8 people when the kitchen table can sit 5. When we are all at the table we always pass all of the food clockwise so we are not reaching over each other to get the food.  After all of that happens we all just enjoy the food, talk, make jokes, all of that fun stuff we do with family.

When all of our family members come over at about 2:30. We usually play a bunch of games outside like football and soccer.  Then we go inside to watch football. My uncle typically ends up screaming at the TV for about like 3 hours long. After we eat we all gather in the game room to play a video game tournament. The one game that we always play is super smash bros.  My brother and I usually win. Then we play board games and  relax. I normally have to go to bed before my aunt and uncle leave.  🙁

That is what all goes down on thanksgiving at my house.

Hutson’s day in a life

Hi I am hutson the dog.  I like to play outside and sleep. But mostly play outside. I will bring you on this journey of my day it is kind of a little crazy but I think you can handle it.

First part of my day. To start of the day I usually wake up and get let out of my cage at about 6:30. Then I get to eat my breakfast. One of my favorite parts of the day. After that I usually play around with my brother wrigley. After about 30 minutes of playing with him I go up stairs to wake up Braedyn and Bella.  They usually get SUPER excited to see me. Then they come down to eat there breakfast and I lay at Braedyns  feet and take a nap. after that they go to school and I have to go back in my cage again till there dad gets back.  When he gets back then we pretty much every  day we go outside to use the bathroom. Then lunch time comes and I do not eat lunch because I am on a diet I am to fat according to my owner. That is the first part of my doggy day.

After Braedyn and Bella’s dad go up stairs to his office I follow him so I am not allowed. I always lay under the desk in my one little corner. Wrigley my brother always gets the other corner which I think is not far because the other corner is a lot softer. I lay there and take a nap for about 1 or 2 hours, then I go down stairs to stretch my legs. At this point it is about 2:00 in the afternoon and I sometimes  just lay in my cage or go outside to play and run around.  Today I feel a little tired so I am going to just lay in my cage and sleep till Braedyn and Bella get home from school. YA! It is 3:48 and Braedyn and Bella are finally home from that torcher building SCHOOL!!! So they get home and get SUPER excited to see me. Then they calm down and Braedyn lets me out side and feeds me. After I eat i typically just hang out with Braedyn in his room. Then about 10:00 PM comes i have to go in my cage to go to sleep for the night.

That is my day. That is typically what happens on a day to day schedule at my house.

Henderson Island

the article we’ve been reading the author uses cause and effect text structure.  He uses this text structure to help readers recognize how much of a problem plastic is for our environment. In the next few paragraphs I will talk about the cause and the effect plastic has on  the environment.


“The cause is that it has become overrun by human pollution”. This is a problem because people are throwing away plastic bottles, bags and many more things. After all of these people throw trash and garbage in the ocean it ends up on the land. Also, when they throw trash away the aqua life is affected because fish are getting stuck in bags. Turtles are getting straws stuck up their nose then they can’t breath. These are all really bad things because if we keep on doing this the sea life population might go down. That would be super bad for the environment.


 The effect is “ these pieces of plastic that end up on land are easily consumed by wildlife.”This is the effect because once all of this trash is on the land all of these animals are eating it. Another sad thing is that hermit crabs are making plastic containers into shells (also were they live).  This could be very hazardous to all of the wildlife on land. This is one reason why we should not litter as us people.

In conclusion, the sea animals could get injured. Another one is that the land animals could get hurt. This is why we need to do something about trash and plastic ending up in any body of water.   

My Role Model

Have you ever had a role model? If so who was it? My role model is Christian Pulisic. I will talk about why he is my role model and what he does for a living.

Christian Pulisic is a famous soccer player.  he plays for the men’s U.S.A. national team.  He then got signed to a team called dortmund. After he played there for a couple of years he transformed  to Chelsea  FC. When Pulisic was younger he played for a club called PA Classics. That is the club that I play for right at this very moment.  When he was about 14 years of age he played for USA U14 national team. Pulisic is now making millions of dollars playing soccer.  That is what I want to do when I grow up.

Pulisic is my role model because he is a very good soccer player. When I grow up I want to be just  like him.  He is also my role model because he grew up in Hershey PA! That is very far from my house. Like I said before I play for PA Classics and so did he.  I actually had the same coach he did last year.  This is why Christian Pulisic is my role model.

Braedyn Brill’s ELA study plan

Braedyn Brill’s ELA STUDY PLAN

How in the universe am I going to create a study plan? I am going to create a study plan for the PSSA. I have three things that I feel like I really need to study. The three things are, my vocab, conjunctions, and grammar.

The first thing there is to learn is vocab. I am going to create a PSSA study book for me to study vocab. Second, I can make flashcards to help me study my vocab for the PSSA. Third, I can create a vocab game board using the flash cards that I made. Fourth, I can go on a vocab website and practice there.

The second thing that I need to study is conjunctions. First, I would go on Quizlet and search for conjunction. I would go on Quizlet because I know Quizlet is a free and you can get a lot of good studying out of it. Second, When the teacher gives an assignment I would really work hard and focus on the question. Third, I would be able to go on a website called Learn Education. On Learn Education I would study as hard as could. I would also go on Learn Education and study every day.

The Third thing that I need to study is grammar. The first way that I would study grammar is Learn Education. I would study just like I would study my conjunctions. Second, I would practice writing and finding proof in a article. Third, I would go on a website called quizlet. On quizlet I would go on the flash card mode and practice really hard and every day.

That is how I would study for the PSSA. You better watch out PSSA because I am coming for you.