I think there are definitely some good things about society. I would say that would include the good messages being spread and the good communities that we have built. There are definitely some good communities in our society.


The Great Gatsby was a good movie. I enjoyed watching it. I think that it was better for me to see it. I am more of a visual person, so it was super nice to see it. It made more sense to me and I was able to understand what was happening better.



This article talked about how a Psychedelic Mushroom is said to help heavy drinkers quit. The chemical compound is said to help people lose their addiction. There have been a couple accounts of this working for people. The effects seem to be immediate and really put an end to an addictions and speeds up the process.

Wouldn’t they just be addicted to the mushrooms then?

What are the side effects are there?

Blog 3.31

I think that you can partially control the kind of person your grow up to be. Your parents have a massive influence seeing that they raise you and enstill values in you. You choose your friends though and they have a major influence on you and grow with you when you change the most.


Link – https://digitalcommons.cedarville.edu/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?article=1301&context=research_scholarship_symposium

Summary – In this article an experiment was conducted through a survey. TheĀ  survey had two options. The first one being a picture with a high quality image, but lower likes. The second one being a low quality image, but higher likes. The pictures were both setup to look like an instagram post. The participants would have to choose which one they thought would attract them quicker if they saw this while scrolling through instagram. The results favored the picture with high quality, but low likes.

Questions – Does the amount of followers play a role? Is this true if it were an actual post?


I think that the socratic seminar was good. I think that it was a good part of our class. There was good discussion and it went well. I think having partners grade us was good as well. It helped us stay engaged in the conversation and let us know what we could do better with.


My favorite station

My favorite staion of rotational learning is independent because i like working by my self. Why? Like working by my self because i can acomplish more. I also like working on Sholastic news articles that we do. I aslo like a website called acheive 3000. It’s a website where we get to read articles and then anwser quetions. Then i do a thought question where you have to anwser a question about the article. Like you might have to sumerise the article. That’s my favorite station what’s yours?