Personal Book Review

i read the year they fell by David Kreizman. its a cute little story that kinda turns into an investigation lead by teenagers about the mysterious death of all of their parents .the story close to the end was much more fast paced compared to the beginning and the twists of the plot made it hard to put down, however this author used one of the worst tropes at the end of the book that made me hurl it across my room. other then that its a pretty good read.

book project

for my book i chose fahrenheit 451, and for my project i chose the playlist.

the first song i added was the song “war” by hypnotic brass ensemble. this is in the hit movie The Hunger Games as one of the characters theme songs. when i think dystopian, i think of the hunger games, and while this book  isn’t much like the hunger games it’s still very dystopian like. this happy and upbeat song is rally just to play into a distraction to the audience of how scared these characters are and how brainwashed others are.

the second song is “walls” by the lumineers. this song is to represent the walls that montag’s wife stares at and sucks every part of not just her being, but all the people in the city’s being right out of the song it says “i can’t hold out forever, even walls fall down”. even though this song is not about the book i feel that this is something montag would say to his wife, that what she’s doing is not permanent and that he’s not going to be around forever for her.

the third song is “on the road again” by Willie Nelson. this is pertaining to montag escaping the city and traveling to the woods and finding new people who have the same interests as him that feel as strongly about protecting books as he does.

fourth was “Mr.roboto” by Styx. this song is a nudge at the scary mechanical dog that montag has to face in the fire house and eventually chases him down and “kills” him. in the song it states “I’ve come to help you with your problems, so we can be free”. this shows how the people thought that the robo dog was a good thing burning peoples houses down and the books along with it.

the fifth song is “as it was” by harry styles. it briefly mentions in the book that the war that started everything happened close to the end of 2022. “as it was” was the most listened song of 2022, meaning that the people of america were listing to harry’s big come back song as they were killing each other because they didn’t like what was in books.

the final song in a personal favorite. its called “burn the house down” by AJR. even though this is a very hype party song it can pertain and relate to the story. one of the first lines is literally “Watch it on the news, Whatcha gonna do?,I could hit refresh and forget”. the people in this book were consuming so much information all the time that they were desensitised to the killing of the inosinate and the burnings of their things. it became reality TV for these people that they all gathered to watch “montags” death, but it wasn’t even him because the TV people knew that the audience’s attention span wasn’t that long.

Week 7

i changed my book to fahrenheit 451. i found this book to be really surprising and suspenseful. it did a good job of keeping me involved and on the edge of my seat. i have chosen to do they playlist of music for my project.

what makes someone american?

people are american because they identify as such. america is a tossed salad of other nations and their people, but your never truly american until you identify yourself with it. people come here to escape the evils of their country and to have a better life for not just them but their children. we are a safety net for people who need it. for them to come and live as they want.

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