Book Project

Movie Vs Book Book   Will and his mother’s relationship- Will being 18/a fight due to the disease instead of the fact of who he is(conflict) (Will looking through all Stella Youtube Videos, seeing how familiar the link was ) Will watching a YouTube talking about how carefree she is and how beautiful Poe and […]

New Discussion Due the rise of climate change , a heat wave in East Coast with record high May temperatures. Hitting temperatures like summer in regions in earlier then by a month. Increasing significantly during the time, beyond the normal average of the climate in these regions and seasons. Affecting people due to the uncommon weather […]

Indenpent Novel Update

 My thoughts overall is that it’s very detailed with how the book displayed to feel so real and relatable in some sort. I liked the book and how the book ended in a happy but not happy way. Well also showing both Stella’s and Will’s perspectives , allowing me to experience both sides and understand […]

Unit 4 Creative Vocab Part II

The brazen man donated his kidney to save a young girl. The woman was jilted standing there at the aisle on her wedding day. His ornery grew has he heard the truth spill from the lips of his father. She dillydally around a field of daisy underneath the hot sun. It’s elusive to get into Harvard. […]

Week 14

.   The Packer Solar Probe went beyond the boundary getting in the Sun’s atmosphere. The NASA space aircraft marked a new possibilities to what all NASA can do, the aircraft was so far the closer to that close to the sun. Costing 1.5 billion dollars to allow the aircraft to work.  The Packer […]

Week Thirteen Unit 4 Vocab

Skittish Shy  Jumpy  Stable Cautious Easily worried or scared  Sedative State of calmness Quieting Treatment Heavy weight unsolved  Settling  Deliberate  Throughout  Careful Accidently  Reasoning  Slow Consolation Comfort  Sweetest Moral Support  Happily Sympathy   Confine Space Limits  Save open Reduce Imprison   Serenade Flattering  Seek in one’s hand  Limits  Sung  Passion

Week 12

My thoughts on The Secret Life of Bees written by Sue Monk Kidd, honestly this book wasn’t what I was expecting. It’s very suspenseful and the way Lily is telling the story leaves it too well what is happening, we only see Lily’s side so it makes all of this like it was happening how did this […]

Week 11

For my book project, I chose to read Five Feet Apart written by Rachael Lippincottdue to the interest in the overall disease that creates this idea of a relationship that is based on risks and trying to find this love in an environment where they can’t even be within 6 feet of one another. I chose […]

Week 10

Romeo and Juliet remake Juliet standing over the dead body of Romeo,but tear did not follow.Juliet’s lover dead.Not caring as his lips sit and wait for a kiss. Juliet saying, “oh Romeo, that I thought was love was just a thought in the mind of what love could be.” Juliet stares at Romeo with the […]

Independent Book Project Dairy

Before Mr. Hall left  It just happened, I didn’t mean to. I feel as if I try and somehow the world is just working against me. WHY WHY WHY? Playing in my head, all I’m playing in my head is Mrs. Hall’s face after opening that card I thought was pretty I DIDN’T KNOW, it […]