Week 13

Today I am at the animal sanctuary, I am very excited, due to it being one of my favorite places.  When we arrived, as I predicted there was an array of things to do, henceforth why I am walking around petting all the animals and observing them.  Some of the little kids at the sanctuary were skittish and nervous to pet the animals. The other parents that were there, all of them were just dilly dallying waiting for their kids to get bored so they could leave. Eventually it was that time of day where we had to leave, I was sad to say bye to the animals, but I could always come back another day. When we arrived home my parcel from target was on my porch, overall it was a good day.

Book Choice

I chose the book Tweet Cute. This book is really good so far, my sister has read it before and also really liked it.  I chose this book, because it is a romance novel, but also is a romance in the modern day, and overall is a cute story.

Week 7

I read the book, Love and Olives. This was definitely a good book, but it was also not my favorite. This book took a while to get started, and to tell Liv’s background story. I felt like the author took a while to get moving and even through the whole book she made the situation longer than I felt needed. The book was very interesting, you go to find out what happened to her father, along with her trying to connect with him. While all this is happening, Olive is trying to find love in Greece. I have decided I will make a playlist for this book, and it will tie along with Olives adventures in Greece.

Week 5 vocab

This morning I got a stren awakening from my alarm clock, meaning it was time to wake up for  school. I do have to set my alarms for intervals of 15 minutes, that way I slowly wake up so I don’t over sleep. This is a tactic I learned from my mom a few years ago when I constantly over slept.After I was ready for school I fed my five frogs, which happen to be amphibious. When I left the house this morning I noticed that there was a haze over the trees and mountains.

liberty bell

    The Liberty bell


I think the liberty bell is the most important history because the Liberty bell is a symbol of America’s independence.Another reason I think the liberty bell is the most important is because it was the bell that rang when there was a big meeting. Another reason is it was made to summon a lawmaker.Did you know the liberty bell is 25% tin and 70%cooper it even has led in it.It rang many times for many meeting.


                             Research: www.softschools.com

our garden

     Our garden


Dear Mr. McCaskey,


      We have some reasons why we would love to have our garden at blue ball near the shed outside in the grass. The garden will help kids learn, make the school beautiful, and help teachers.


        We think that our garden will teach kids about math. The kids would learn how to measure the plants and sometimes estimate how tall they are.


        A garden could  help make our school a more beautiful place. The kids would admire all the flowers. We could give other kids in the school an opportunity to water the flowers. We would love for the flowers to stand out and make our school look colorful.

             Finally, a garden  could help out the teachers. For example, Mrs. Snader could have students practice drawing flowers from the garden.  We could put in a strawberry bush for the students to eat.


               These are the reasons why we should have our garden at Blue Ball. We hope that we can have some pretty flowers and a new garden at our school.


                                     Sincerely: Cecilia Stoltzfus & Wynne Kelly  


my new product is called wishy wash it is like a iromba but it washes your car and you can set when you want it to wash your car and the robot stors under your car.

Me as a native american


My name is sayen and I am very adventurous. “Hey dad can I go hunting “ “NO” said dad you know what happened with your sister  “FINE DAD”well I guess I do not want to get stolen like my sister. I do not think that will happen so I may just go hunting without him knowing. “Shh” I have to be quiet e can not know. There is a big fat deer ame and fire YES got him “ohno “ my arrow is bludy now my dad is going to find out.


Stop touching me wait that can not be the deer who  is it I turned around it was my sister way my worst enemy ever since we got into a fight. Then she tried to take me to her tribe she joined after our fight luckily my mom stopped her. Then she did it again but I scared her then she came back again capcherd me and took me back to her new tribe. Later that night I got away without her knowing but I left the deer in my place.


Then she came back to my tribe and apologized. Then we went hunting together and I got a big fat deer. She got a buffalo. Then we went and caught some fish and skinned all the animals together and made diner for us two and our parents.The next day our mom helped us weave baskets. Then our dad taught us how to hunt ducks.


Then we also made some carvings in rocks. Then we made some clothing for are tribe if they need some the clothes aws warm and fuzzy for the cold winter that is coming up we also made shoes together but then she left again because she did not like the stuff we were doing together. Now we are in an evan  bigger  fight than last time. So she left I did not hear from her for a hole 15 years.


15 years later I became chief and we went in war and she was also chief but she was defeated and tried to come back but we did not let her and then I started picking corn and food for our tribe after war we lost a lot of people but she didn’t care she got evan madder than ever. Then her tribe took me to there base and had me working for them. I had to pick corn and plant food for them and I had to weave tight  baskets for them I also had to fetch water for them. They also had me see my tribe to see what they are planing and their plans for war so they can win the war but I was lying about the plans my other tribe had.


Then I snuck out but they did not see me so that is an A+ for me but an F- for them. Now I feel it is an C- for me now because it was a long walk finally I am back with my family I started kissing the ground me and my sister are still separate. I never  want to see her again I do not want to see her again I just want to plant 500 veggie seeds like peppers,cabbage, carrots and hear I am now hunting fish. Now I just have to get a thousand more same for deer. Then I have to pick all the veggies that me and my family planted. Now something else I need to do make a new bow and arrow it broke after my 500th deer.


The ship that sank titanic

I was helping make the titanic. I had to make sure it can hold at least 3,547 people exactly. So we had to make it 269.1 meters long. Then I had to screw in 10,000 light bulbs in. The next thing I had to do is weighed  the titanic it was 825 tons.

I was so happy because I got to go on the titanic but then I was not happy because it started to sink all my friends sank with the boat and it happens to be the 14th day of april the time was 11:40 ship time the year was 1912 but at least I survived. Story of how I survived is I did not know what was going on until people started evacuating and I slipped off the deck and fell into a lifeboat.


Now look at me I am still alive today and you can see the ship and iceberg that the titanic hit. Since the titanic is under water I go scuba diving down to see it. Thar is so many living creatures that live in or on it. The iceburg still has a big dent in it.


By: Wynne Kelly

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