How I feel Loved.

What makes me feel loved. I feel loved when I get quality time with family, because it comforting when you know people want to be around you, and you have the most fun. I like being around family it feels good to be included. I feel loved when people say good things about me, and encourage me. It makes me feel appreciated and that people care about me.

My Winter Break

A lot of Christmas break I played basketball, work out, played football, hanged out with friends and cousins and watched football. With that it felt good just to chill at home and sit on the coach. On christmas day we just sat around the house and enjoyed the day. My family and me opened presents it took forever, we ate breakfast at 11:00 A.M. I was so hungry, we played a few games and stuff. The next five days a saw my friend trenton, I went to his relatives house, watched football, had a sleepover, and did ping pong trickshots. After that I was really tired, and had a whole day to chill, before I went and helped put a beames and a rails on a second story balcony, After that we went to our friends house for a new years party, I didn’t stay up to new year’s day because I was so tired after helping my cousins. But, we had amazing cheesesteaks there!!! That was most of my christmas break hoped you enjoyed.


“You have as much as you create. You create as much as you are willing to create.”

Meir Ezra

that poem says to me that you are as much as you want your successes is decided by you. If you try, try again you are able to achieve great things, as long as you think you can. if you don’t think you can achieve something you are able not to even try to achieve it. You as a person decides where that limit is. You are able to do anything you think is possible as long as you believe in yourself. If you believe you can do something with all you heart and soul, you will likely be able to achieve it.

Best ways to enjoy a cold winter night.

The best ways to enjoy a cold winter night is to one watch a movie, two play a game with family and friends, and lastly go play outside in the snow. Watching a movie is always fun, get your favorite blanket, pop some popcorn, and find a good movie, and relax. Invite some friends over to watch it with you.

Secondly, you could play a couple games with some family or friends, play some christmas music, get a couple snacks out and have fun.

Lastly, play out in the snow build a snow fort, go sledding, build a snowman, or have a snowball fight. There many things you can do a cold winter night.

What I did this weekend

Some things I did this weekend are celebrate Taylor’s birthday, go to a friends house and did some ping pong trickshots. I played football, basketball, and kickball. We had a family christmas dinner on Sunday, and watched several movies over the weekend. During the christmas dinner we played several games I won three prizes playing bingo, and then we played a game where you balanced a candy cane on your finger and tried to ram into other people to knock off theirs it was really fun. later, that night we played football, basketball, and kickball, my team won all of the games. (we ate a really good lunch that day) That night we watched a movie and Grand Tour. Early that day we went to church then the rest of the weekend I was at home doing nothing. With all of that I had a great weekend and hope for more.

What I want for Christmas

I want a football training pack that comes with cones, a ladder, flags, and other things for training. It teaches how to run routes, and the basics of football. I want a eagles wallet because the one I have now is old. I want a speed champion lego set because I have a whole collecting of them. I could use a new football because my other ones aren’t very good but I don’t really need that. I could definitely use a new basketball rim because when I got home yesterday I found my basketball rim bent upward to the backboard because it fell over from the wind. But we’ll see if I get that stuff mt parents are pretty good a getting presents for us, who knows what I’m going to get for christmas.

My Thanksgiving Weekend

This what I did on my long weekend. On Wednesday, I did basically nothing I sat around at home chillin I watched tv and worked out in my basement, that evening my family and me went to my grandparents to help set up for Thanksgiving Day. On Thursday/Thanksgiving day, I ate and got ready for the day prepped food and loaded it into our van. We watched the Macy’s Day Thanksgiving Parade which was very boring so we switched between Knockout and the parade. Finally we left for out grandparents, when we got there we set up food and yard games. We then went out for a heater to heat the barn where we set up. After that we ate and played ultimate frisbee, and a game like tennis. After that we ate supper, then torn down and went home. The next day my family and did these things decorated for christmas sat around at home, had family over, had a sleepover at cousins house, went to a cousin’s birthday party, went shopping, and went to my great grandpa’s funeral, had a christmas dinner with extended family and took family pictures during the Eagles game. With all of that it was a very fun long weekend.

My Thanksgiving

First, I get dressed with jeans and a plaid shirt. Then I get in our car and drive a least 15 minutes to my Grandparents Barn, There are heaters to keep us warm and tables set up for m us to sit at. My whole family is there that includes my cousins, aunts and uncles. While we are there they’re is usually hay rides, food and games. We have turkey with gravy, mashed potatoes, plenty of desserts like cookies pies and pudding, and apple cider. After lunch we play ultimate frisbee in our Grandparents backyard, it’s really fun. After that we will probably play cornhole, and maybe some spikeball. At the end of the day my grandpa gives us a hay ride that is usually very cold. Then, we go home and sometimes watch football. It’s a very fun day.


My experience was fun, but sometimes confusing. It was confusing because sometimes group members explain it weird a made it confusing. But it was exciting and funny to see where you messed up or where you did good. Was a fun activity that I wish to do more.