Story Because…

You and your friends are all in your room planning on what to do for a sleepover. There were a bunch of ideas being tossed around like lets play wii sports, lets play tag, lets play down in the basement. everyone went silent when Jack (your friend) says to play down in the basement. But it was a reasonable idea because there was a VERY big space. So they combined Jack’s idea with the tag idea, and they played tag downstairs. They played that for 30 minutes then after that. They were questioning why Jack said Basement when they were trying to get ideas to play.



My New Drawing Tablet

So for Christmas I got a drawing tablet. But as soon as I got it, I hooked it up to my PC. Turns out, it didn’t work. I was bummed, but I got over it. Then my brother found out why it wasn’t working, we didn’t have the right cord for it to work. So we ordered the cord that we needed to make the drawing tablet work. My brother helped me find the spot to plug it in to. And as soon as I got it to work I drew 2 drawings in a span of about 2 hours. So you may be asking right now, ” but josh, what did the drawings look like” well what I say to that is, one was a farmer, and one was some fan art of a youtuber.

And then my friend told me a REALLY good program to draw in. After I found that program, I DREW 3 DRAWINGS IN A SPAN OF 1 HOUR AND 30 MINUTES. So yeah *chuckles* the story is over.

My Opinion On Portal 2

So on sunday I got a new game…  It was Portal 2, now don’t get me wrong, it’s a good game. So i’m going to tell you about it. You may or may not know what this game is, but that’s ok, I will go down the story real quick for ya. So first you wake up in a dorm room (That’s the tutorial btw.) And that’s where you meet a little robot named wheatley. After that you go back to bed. And when you wake up, well um, YOU HAVE BEEN ASLEEP FOR 999,999,999 DAYS!!! How you are alive right now, I don’t know. And after that fiasco you fall down in the starter area of Portal 1. And this is Aperture Laboratories, but its VERY run down. There are vines everywhere, and most of all some how the electronics still work. How they still work I don’t know.

So i’m gonna skip through the story a little bit to get to the interesting parts. So after you go through the “super easy” tutorial. You find out that GLADos put herself back together. Oh yeah, umm GLADos is a super evil robot that trapped you and put you through tests to test the Portal Gun (in Portal 1 of course.) After a little bit you find the Portal Gun, but this is not the Double Portal Gun, this can only shoot a blue portal. Oh and umm, GLADos separates you a Wheatley. And what does GLADos want to do after shes alive again… SHE WANTS TO TEST THE PORTAL GUN JUST LIKE OLD TIMES. Ok, ok, ok let me go over portal 1 REALLY quick.

So first, you wake up from a coma and you walk through a portal to get to testing. eventually you find the Blue Portal gun. So you do some testing with that until you find the double portal gun. then you do some testing with that. THEN you kill GLADos (shes a robot btw, don’t be alarmed)

I’m just gonna rap this up here so it’s not to to long. I’m gonna continue this on my next blog bye bye now.    🙂

How I Made My Radial Symmetry Design

So first I did my name in cursive and then I connected all the corners I could connect so I can fill the inside in with color. Then, I add shapes, lines and stuff like that. I’m not gonna lie, it was hard to figure out what color to choose for each and every shape. And I am very happy with the middle because it has a very low budget version of a four leaf clover. I also made just a very sunburnt man, with a mustache. and yeah. 

My New Game

So last weekend I got a new game. And that game is called Mindustry, and I’m going to talk about it. So in Mindustry you play as a little flying robot. You can make a factory, you can build defences, and most of all, have fun. So about the defences, you need them to survive 20 waves/rounds of robots that try to attack your core shard.  Just to put it out there, it’s and top down game like Zelda. Now back to the defences, you can build copper and titanium walls to defend. But inside those walls you need to have turrets. Those turrets will make it so you don’t have to eliminate the robots yourself. There are different types of turrets though( sorry I don’t remember them .) There are also different types of resources that you need to build stuff. Some of the resources are, copper, titanium, lead, coal, and sand. But those are just the natural resources, some of the resources that you can make include, Pyratite, Graphite, Metaglass, and silicon just to name a few. That’s really all you need to know about Mindustry(it also costs only $6 if you want it.)                                                                                                                    🙂

Making Hot Fudge

So today in release time we made hot fudge. I didn’t eat any because I have never had it to be honest. Now you may say, ” Oh why don’t you like that, that’s weird.” well I don’t care do be honest. I said the directions so everybody actually made the hot fudge, I didn’t do anything. I just sat there.

I still had fun though. I like release time, its fun. Oh yeah, and we used ratio’s. I had some friends in release time.. they were questionable.

My Vaccine Experience

So I just got my 2nd Vaccine on I would like to say 3 days ago now. But my arm is still a little bit sore. Right before I got the vaccine I’ve got to admit, I was scared. And right when I got the shot I did not shed a single tear, now usually I cry(don’t judge) so i’m proud of myself.

On the car ride home up to when I went to bed my arm was not sore. And I was like ok, this is good. But then when I woke up that next morning oh boy my arm was sore. Also I felt a little sick, now that’s not very good. that day I took two naps, now I have not taken a nap in a long time(or at least I think so.) But now I feel way better. I am grateful that my family helped me get through my sickness.  Sooo yeah.. that’s my Vaccine experience.

Would you Rather

I would rather never speak again because, I don’t really talk that much to begin with so it would not be much of a difference. I mean yeah it would be hard not being able to talk to your friends but imagine saying everything you think. Like that would get very embarrassing. If you could not talk you can’t do sign language or typing. Well that would  be hard but if you are a quiet kid like me then this would not be hard. So that’s why I choose never talk again.

oleg_mit / Pixabay

1st person thing 3rd person thing

Story #1 (1st Person): I love to play fortnite. One time my mom says I have to get off. When I said I was kinda upset. After that Me and my mom went to Wendy’s. Than me and my mom went back to our house then I played again.


Story #2 (3rd Person): Josh loves to play fortnite. One time Josh’s mom said Josh has to get off.  Josh said ¨I i’m kinda upset. After that Josh and his mom went to Wendy’s. Than Josh and his mom went back to their house.

Boring homework

I HATE HOMEWORK!!! I don’t like homework. It’s a waste of time. It’s sometimes hard. It’s long.


First,It’s a waste of time. I could play fortnite. I could watch on my mom’s computer. I could play with my dog.


Second,It’s sometimes hard. It can be math. It can be reading. It could be a hard activite.


Finally,It’s long. It can be 5 pages. It can be 10 pages. It can even be a assay!


For example,It’s like a prison cell with a desk. Can you tell I don’t like homework? It’s a waste of time. It’s sometimes hard. It’s long. As you can see I don’t like homework.