January 10

SPOILERS, Boy in Striped Pajamas

1-  In chapter one, there is a boy named Bruno, we get introduced to his family and staff. He finds out he is moving from Berlin for his father’s job, he didn’t want to move. In chapter two, he arrives at the new house and thinks it is the loneliest place in the world. A serious soldier helps the family move in. He didn’t like the view from his window at his new house.


2- In chapter three, the children think they went to a place called “out-with”. I think they are mispronouncing Auschwitz. He talks about his sister and her friends and how they bully him. In chapter four, he looks out his window to find a concentration camp and thinks the kids aren’t friendly. He then shows his sister the camp and she asks “where are all the girls, mothers, and grandparents?” He doesn’t know the answer to that question.


3- In chapter five, Bruno is having a flashback to when they were leaving. He was misunderstanding the word Fuhrer (Hitler) thinking his mother was talking about the Fury instead. Seems like his mother is not on board with Hitler’s plans. His father is trying to make their new house normal and says, “Home is wherever the family is. In chapter six, Bruno hated the new house. The maid talks to Bruno about the past. Bruno said that the maid was part of the family and that if all of the family wanted to go back they should. The maid tells Bruno to keep his head down.


4- In chapter seven, Bruno didn’t want to become mad because he was so bored. Bruno then makes a tire swing. Bruno scraped his leg and bumped his head then the male maid helped him. Bruno’s mother tells the servant to not tell father what happened. In chapter eight, he has flashbacks to grandma’s performances. In the last play, they didn’t go well. Their grandma hates when the father wears his nazi uniform. Bruno also describes his experience in (Out-with) or Aushwitz. 


5- In chapter nine, Bruno starts school with a private tutor but he is disappointed he is only learning history and geography. He misses art and literature and exploring his old house. In chapter ten, he got bored so he decided to go exploring outside because their house is small. He walks along the fence and meets a boy in the prison camp, his name is Shmuel. They talk about their lives and find out they are exactly the same age. Bruno is inquisitive about the boy and is envious that he has other kids to play with. 


6- In chapter eleven, Bruno had a flashback to their house in Berlin, where the fury (Hitler) once came to their house and was rude to the children. After the fury left his house his parents argued and then soon after that they moved. In chapter twelve, Shmuel and Bruno continue the conversion of their lives, Bruno keeps thinking they have had similar experiences. Bruno then lifts the wire between them and suggests that he should come over and visit. Shmuel mainly wants to know if Bruno has food.


7- In chapter thirteen, Bruno has more questions regarding Pavel (Their Servant) because Pavel said he was a doctor. Bruno sneaks food to Shmuel to feed him. Bruno brings up the topic of soldiers and Shmuel tries to dismiss the matter quickly. The family has dinner later with LT. Kotler doesn’t go well-considering fathers prodding questions about Kotler’s father. Pavel then goes on to drop the bottle of wine on Kotler and Kotler then proceeds to attack Pavel while everyone watches in disarray. In chapter fourteen, Bruno asks if he can crawl under the fence to play, Bruno is questioning why Shmuel wants to leave his side of the fence so much. Bruno is annoyed by Gretel because it is raining. Bruno accidentally lets it slip that he meets Shmuel so he makes the excuse that he has an imaginary friend which Gretel laughs at.


8- In chapter fifteen, Shmuel got assigned to clean glasses at Bruno’s house. While there he was approached by Bruno. Bruno offered him chicken, Shmuel accepted then got in trouble with LT. Kotler because Bruno denied that he was Shmuels friend. Shmuel didn’t go to the meeting place for many weeks but when she did appear he had many bruises on his face but he said it didn’t hurt anymore. In chapter sixteen, Brunos grandmother dies. LT. Kolter got transferred some celebrated and some didn’t. Bruno asks about (Out-With) Gretel tells him that the fence keeps the Jews kept together but keeps them out. She also explains how the Jews and they are a lot different and how they are lesser beings, Bruno is confused by this answer which infuriates Gretel.


9- In chapter seventeen, the mother and the children are going back to Berlin after much discussion. Bruno is ok with either moving back to Berlin or staying in “Out-With”. His mother seems not to be doing well. In chapter eighteen, Bruno and Shmuel meet at the fence and Shmuel talks about how his dad disappeared and didn’t come back from work duty. Bruno offers to talk to his father but Shmuel declines because he hates guards. Bruno said to Shmuel that he was leaving in two days. Bruno comes up with a plan to come to the other side of the fence and wear striped pajamas and help Shmuel look for his father, even though he was probably shot by a guard. 


10- In chapter nineteen, they carried out their plan. Bruno climbed under the fence and helped Shmuel look for his father when soldiers started telling them to get into a small room with no lights. Everyone was freaking out. I would have too. In chapter twenty, Bruno’s father went to the fence and saw that Bruno has climbed under it, he broke down in tears realizing what happened. The soldiers then took him away. My thoughts are, Bruno and Shmuel got sent to a gas chamber and died. Bruno’s father got punished for letting this happen to his son. The book is overall a good book, I would recommend this book to anyone who is interested in suspenseful books about World War 2 times.

December 20

My Thoughts on The Boy In The Striped Pajamas

The book The Boy in the Striped Pajamas is quite an interesting book considering when the book took place during the 1930’s. It has an interesting plot with many twists that I did not expect. I can’t wait to finish the book considering the view point is from a little boy in the middle of a gruesome war. I would definitely recommend this book to someone who enjoys a read of mystery and action. This book is personally one of my favorites.

December 13


This article I about injustice in the court system. It covers many topics that can affect the verdict. Studies show that race is a big factor when it comes to deciding if someone is guilty. Studies show that the darker your skin color there is a higher chance you will be picked out of a line-up. This article also covers the idea that attractiveness has an effect. For example, if you are overweight you are more likely to have a higher bail, or more jail time. There is even a quote that states, “a system that we know does include quite a lot of judicial bias.” This shows us that there is indeed injustice and we should bring to the judges attention the evidence.

What is one way we could stop the injustice?

Why do you think there is so much injustice?

Credit to : https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/wonk/wp/2015/07/20/why-the-u-s-court-system-is-criminally-unjust/

December 5

Vocab Story

There was once a little kid named Johnny, he was a standard kid with standard grades. Although he had the idea to complete a foray on his classmate with water balloons. He always hated that classmate. He was expounding his plan to his friends when suddenly one of his contemptuous bullies hit him. The bully hit him so hard that he fell to the ground feeling nothing but pain. Johnny tried to tell teachers but they were all auspicious towards the bully. Johnny’s voice was quelled. Johnny’s mother was inquisitive and asked what happened; therefore, Johnny told her. His mother’s mouth gaped as he told her the story. His mother turned malignant towards the school and the bully and decided to join Johnny in his new quest to throw water balloons at the bully instead of his classmate. The plan went … well … not as expected. The end

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November 22

Vocab For TKaM

Assuage –

  • I was assuaged when I realised I wasn’t dying.
  • When I was got hurt I was assuaged when they told me I broke my leg.
  • Assuage is a synonym for relieve
  • Assuage is a synonym of mitigate

Taciturn –

  • My teacher asked me why I was taciturn
  • I was feeling very taciturn so I was talking a lot.
  • Taciturn is a synonym for quiet.
  • My friends were quite taciturn so I assumed someone died.

Repertoire –

  • My repertoire of songs I can play is quite vast.
  • My brother is quite good at being a repertoire.
  • I got a job as a dancer because of my vast repertoire.
  • We went to a concert and the repertoire was on a piece of paper.

Vapid –

  • My food was very vapid so I asked for a refund.
  • The event was very vapid so I decided to leave.
  • I loved talking to my friend it is always very vapid.
  • I prefer to not talk to very vapid people.

Mortification –

  • When my brother failed his test my family when through much mortification.
  • When I fell on the steps the mortification was amazing so I was happy.
  • I failed my test and had to deal with the mortification
  • Mortification is a synonym for shame and embarrassment.

Erratic –

  • John’s movement was very erratic so I knew exactly what he was going to do.
  • David was erratic today so I know I couldn’t depend on him.
  • My dog was acting extremely erratic I wonder what is wrong with him.
  • This event was odily erratic so I was shocked with surprise.
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November 12

New Book

I am decided to pick the book “The Boy in the Striped Pajamas” by John Boyne. I picked this book because it has a movie counterpart that I can watch and compare. This book seems quite interesting, it is about a boy in Germany in a war. I can’t wait to read this.

November 5

Romeo & Juliet Open Ended

In the poem Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare, Juliet’s mindset at the beginning of act IV is sad, which advanced the plot by setting the stage for the actions she will take and thus demonstrates the overall theme that love is a powerful force that overrules all other values and emotions. For example, when Paris says, “Poor soul, thy face is much abused with tears.” This quote shows that she had recently been crying prior to going to Friar Laurence. Most commonly, crying is associated with sadness. Love drove her to consider unorthodox and harmful options. For example, when Friar said, “If, rather than to marry County, Paris Thou hast the strength of will to slay thyself.” This shows that in her grief Juliet was willing to experience death because she was without her Romeo. Her sadness drove her to do rash, harsh, and inhumane actions to stay with her love. Her love was passionate towards Romeo. Juliet said, “What if it be poison?”This shows that against her better judgment she took the sleeping potion, even though she thought it could be poisoned. This once again shows how powerful of a force that love can be. Overall, Juliet’s love for Romeo was filled with passion and borderline violence when she decided to experience death for him.

October 29

SPOILER ALERT (Poem of the Last Moriarty)

Sherlock Holmes, the greatest detective of all time 

The world mourned when he was pronounced dead

His friend Watson faithfully documented his cases and published them for a dime

But he kept a secret in his head

Holmes is still alive, but few people know

A meeting was set between the British and Americans who came from afar

An actress comes to see Sherlock on a November morning through the snow

Lucy James is her name, and she wants to know who her parents are

Suddenly, Sherlock is in the thick of a swirl of mystery

All are connected and all must be solved

The stakes are high, with a long history

It seems he must defeat Moriarty once again, for his mastery is called

The violinist Rosario provides some clues

Moriarty is in fact dead, but his evil brother lives on

There are traitors in the government with much to lose

Stolen dynamite blows up a carriage that the prime minister rides on

The Germans are blackmailing, trying to grab power

 There are kidnappings, explosions, and guns

Finally, it comes to a climax in one perfect hour

The plot twists and turns like the river Thames runs

The secrets unfold

 Lucy James is the daughter of Sherlock and Rosario, a product of love

All is finally told

Peace descends like a dove.

October 22

Unit #3 Vocab

We had a family meeting and we could all air grievances. My parents want to augment our diets with bad tasting vitamins. Later my siblings and I planned a mutiny against our parents. But we were worried about the severity of the punishment. My older brother tried to sway our parents to our way of thinking. In the end we agreed that submission to their rules was the best approach.

October 19

Murder In Old England

If you are a fan of traditional Sherlock Holmes stories that you would efenty like this book. it would also help you in understanding the plot and characters because there is a lot of background knowledge that the other books give. The book starts by explaining that the author wanted this book to be published after he died. In reality that is fiction but that is an interesting tie to the original series. In this book, Sherlock is draw into a mystery regarding his family. If you haven’t read the previous series it can be quite confusing at times with the old english language. There were many twists and turns after every chapter. I would definitely recommend this to a friend because it is such an interesting read. It has you on the edge of your seat half the time.