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Blue Ball Elementary Health Services Staff:

Phone: 717-354-1525          Fax: 717-351-1440

Maeve Beebe, R.N., Certified School Nurse

Rochelle Keller, LPN , Health Room Nurse

Ana Uribe, RN, MDS Nurse


Brecknock Elementary Health Services Staff:

Phone: 717-445-8600          Fax: 717-351-1441

Sara Marion, , R.N., Certified School Nurse

Lottie Martin, R.N., Health Room Nurse


Garden Spot Middle and High School Health Services Staff:

Phone: 717-354-1559          Fax: 717-354-1166

Karissa Davis, R.N., Certified School Nurse

Beth Fulmer, R.N., Certified School Nurse

Carol Fedorshak, R.N., Health Room Nurse

Lisa Frank, R.N., Health Room Nurse

Mylissa Spiller, RN, MDS Nurse


New Holland Elementary Health Services Staff:

Phone: 717-354-1520          Fax: 717-351-1442

Joy Hoover, R.N., Certified School Nurse

Pam Loher, R.N., Health Room Nurse

Apryl Umbel, R.N., Health Room Nurse