May 8 2023

Week 15 Blog Post

I like “Of Mice and Men” better than “The Great Gatsby” because there is more going on and more on the line. The characters are in real danger and have real problems in “Of Mice and Men”. However, in “The Great Gatsby”, all teh characters are terrible people doing terrible things to get what they want.

May 1 2023

Week 14 Blog Post

The Great Gatsby was an interesting book. I don’t think I enjoyed it very much because it was kind of boring, but I think it had a good message in that there is always hope. Most of the people in the book were not good people, and the way they came by some of the things they had was not honest, but at least Gatsby had some hope.

April 24 2023

Week 13 Blog Post

This article is talking about the differences between old and new money.

What is the line between old and new money?

Are people with old money or new money more successful?

March 17 2023

Blog Week 8

This article shows the affects of conformity to pressure in social media, especially in fake news. I agree with this article in that if we aren’t careful, we can fall into spreading fake news. Do you think social media has a direct impact on this generation’s ability to resist conformity? How much news that is spread is actually fake?