Why You Should Go To Washington D.C.

Why you should go to Washington D.C.. First of all the place is beautiful, in most areas of course, not all. The mall though, is absolutely beautiful! Oh, right, it isn’t an actual shopping mall, it’s the place where the monuments are! Like the Lincoln Memorial, and the Washington Monument. The food there is amazing. They don’t take a very long time, it will be a wait but trust me, the food and drinks are great! Also there are so many places to explore! Like the museums! The Air and Space Museum, The Museum of Natural History. The Museum of Natural History. It is also where the White House is. And if you are in the gravyard you will be able to see the changing of the gaurd if you are there at the hour. When I went, we went to the 11:00a.m. changing of the gaurd. But back to the museums. In the Natural History Museum, there were different rooms to go in. For example, in one room it was the Water Life room, and it was huge and filled with these pictures and skulptures of the animals. With each scene the animals were listed and below it some facts were there. And in the Gem Room there were lots of gems, for example, there were amethests, diamonds, gold, quarts, and emeralds. In my opinion, the gems were beautiful, the way they lit up. I loved to look at them and admire them. Then the Air and Space museum was vey interesting. It had these HUGE modles of spaceships. It was very cool and interesting. Also if you are studying polotics, government, or stuff about the president, Washington D.C. is a great source. It’s where most information comes from. It is also a very popular place. I think you should go to Washington D.C. because with all that being said, you might discover more and love this beautiful place. 

Sustainable Development

Hey! Have you ever actually thought about how you could help the community within the next 8 hours? Here are some ways that you would be able to help, and they are very simple! You can always do community service. Yes, I know it does not sound fun, but if you can get your friends involved with picking up the environment it would be a bit more fun.  Ways we could help within the next 8 days. We could start by not leaving the sink on. That’s a waste of good water. We can also start by not throwing away good food because it taste different. We can make sure to look in the fridge and freezer to see what we have so we don’t over buy. Ways that we could help within the next 8 months. We could get an education. We could learn about our laws, and change what we do it it’s law breaking. We could also recycle, the more we recycle the more we could save. Also by keeping our water clean, and stop polluting. Ways we could help in the next 8 years! We could start reusing stuff. We could be more careful on what we buy and what it is made of. We can also make sure we aren’t consuming or producing too much of things.

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