Boldielox and the 3 Monkeys

Once upon a time there was a little girl named Boldielox. Boldielox was walking in the woods a she saw a house. She quickly smashed the door down and saw an house. She grabbed a rock and threw it at the window and climbed in. She saw her favorite show bob the builder playing on the TV in the living room. She stood where she was and watched it for 5 minutes. 5 minutes later she looked in the kitchen and saw 3 bowls of cereal. She tried the first bowl and it was raisin bran she tried it and said EWW to much raisins so nasty. The next bowl was golden grahams she tried it and said EWW this is old people cereal. She tried the last bowl it was  cheerios and it was perfect so she ate the whole bowl. Next she went in the exercise room and saw 3 trees 1 was Big 1 was normal and 1 was a play tree. She tried the play tree and it broke. She tried the normal tree it was to soft. She tried the large tree and it was just right. Next she went up stairs and saw 5 rooms she found 1 with a radio the next room had 3 beds large,normal,tiny. She had the radio in the palm of her hand there was an stand next to each bed she set the radio on the floor and began to try the beds. First she tried the teeny tiny bed but it had to many banana peels for the sheet so it was to soft.Then she tried the original bed and was tooooo hot she said OUCH. Finally she tried the giant king sized bed and it was splendid it was boldieloxs liking because it was just enough soft warm and fluffy. She got out of the bed grabbed the TV remote turned it on and put on her favorite show bob the builder. Then she grabbed the radio tuned it on and put on her favorite singer Justin Bieber and put the radio on the stand next to the King sized bed and laid in it. She said welcome to paradise boldielox. It was no time and her eyes were shut. The 3 monkeys came back from Skyzone and saw the cheerios were all eaten and the play tree was broke and herd Justin bieber playing and went upstairs and saw boldielox sleeping they said who are you what are doing in our house?? Boldilox woke up opened the window and jumped on her reindeer she flew away and said merry Christmas early. The 3 monkeys and boldielox never spoke again. THE END!!     


Persuasive Essay

We should have more lunch time because we don’t have enough time to eat our lunch. I also think we should have less L.A. because It’s so long and use that time for more lunch so that we can eat our lunch. I also think we should have more recess because we can get our energy out. Another reason Is because we only have 15 min take some time from L.A. use that time for more recess. One last thing that i think should be changed Is I think we should have more balls at recess because a lot of them are flat/deflated or just pump them up. Those are 3 things we want changed at school!!                                                                                                                                                                                                


My First ELA Class goal is to become a better Speller. My spelling is bad and , I can inproove by practicing my spelling every night that I can and also review my spelling every night that I can inproove my spelling. Another goal I want to accomplish in my ELA class this year is to become a better Writter because my Writing is sloppy. I hope that I can inproove by practicing my Writing every night that I can. I hope I can inproove my writing. My third and final goal for my ELA class this year is to inproove my reading stamina. I can inproove my reading speed/stamina by reading every night that I can. I hope I will inproove a lot and be very fast at reading. Thoes are my ELA class goals for this year.

Hello world!

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