My brothers Football Game

It started off with my mom asking me if I wanted to go to my brothers football game so I said yes. So my mom, my brother and I went to his football game. It started off with a touchdown. But the other team quickly got a touchdown to tie it. The touchdown was by this really fast kid and no one on my team could catch him. So of them got close but he was too fast. Then I got hungry and the food court was on the other side of the football field and their was two of them next too each other because another team was playing a game. My mom said that my dad was going to get their soon. So when he did he texted my mom and said for me to come down to get some money. So I ran all the way down to the food court and got a hot dog. Then I ran all the way back just for my dad to say “I think your mom wants something” So he gave me $10 and I ran back down to the food court. I got two pretzels because I was still hungry. Then I ran all the way down again and then had to run basically a football field because the bleachers where on the other side of the field. In the end they lost but my brother wasn’t mad or anything. So then we came home and ate dinner.

My Favorite Part of Washington D.C.

So last Friday Me, my mom and my whole grade went on a field trip to Washington D.C. A liked the whole trip but I will be talking about what has to be my favorite part of D.C. My favorite part of D.C. would probably have to be seeing Air and Space Museum. The reason why I liked this museum is because there were so many cool things that I got to see such as the Hubble Space Telescope. I didn’t think it would be that big but it is! I even got to go inside of a plane and I saw the cockpit and how many buttons it had. Why I was inside of it my mom said “Imagine having to remember and know what all of those buttons do.” There were also stairs in the plane but you could go down them so it wasn’t that interesting. There also was this big painting on one of the walls it had an astronaut walking on the moon. I got a picture with it and my mom said it was hard to get the photo because the astronaut was so big. I at least saw about 20 planes it side the museum and there was this one room were they cramped 4 planes into one room! There was this one place where you got to see how the physics of air being in a tube and then taking that air out and seeing how the feather would react. There also was this one vent and it was pushing air out of it and there was this ball and if you put the ball on it, it would fly up a little bit and then stay in mid air because of how the air was moving. I also got to be in another plane but this time you could sit down and steer it. You didn’t actually move it, it just had a steering wheel. It even had a little model of a boat and then planes flying off of it. The air and space museum was a very cool museum to visit and I think that if you have the chance to go to it you should because you see so many cool things in it. Here is a picture of the air and space museum. Here is a picture of the inside. 

Should we recycle or not?

Does recycling help the environment or does it damage it?

In my opinion recycling is bad because people just throw their trash away and think that they are doing something good. But in the process of recycling it releases carbon dioxide. This chemical gets trapped in the atmosphere and never leaves. This means that weather changes can become more noticeable. It can get absorbed into the ocean. It can also cause global warming. But back to recycling, in this article titled “PRO/CON: Should we throw away the recycling program?” I found a sentence that stood out to me. According to this article only 35% of trash that goes into the recycling is actually recycled. This is because the government only thinks that it is logical and economically correct to do this. The only things that get recycled is paper and aluminum cans/aluminum. Also in the article I found that in order to save 3 tons of carbon dioxide you need to recycle 1 ton of paper/aluminum. But that is still bad because one ton is 2,000 pounds and that means that we have a LOT of trash and we are only saving 2,000 pounds of carbon dioxide.

Think about it. Which side are you on? Recycling is bad or Recycling is good. (To answer comment on this blog.)



One thing that I can do to help my Community!

One thing that I can do to help my community is go out and try to kill those bugs from china that came over to parts of pennsylvania through an infested ship. These bugs are named the “spotted lanternfly.” a picture of it is at the bottom. These bugs kill trees and plants. They kill trees and plants by sucking the sap out of trees and plants. They also eat grapes and because their in a new environment their spreading like crazy. Because these bugs are spreading like crazy this affects agriculture. Pennsylvania is also one of the largest states for the producing of food and livestock. So this will hurt the state if they have mass destruction. The way that I can contribute to this is by spraying my tree and plants with a little bit of water and some tide laundry detergent. This is one of the ways that you can get rid of these bugs from killing your plants and trees. Many other people also use this method to kill these bugs.