Ky New Year’s resolution 2020

My first resolution is to get  new mouse and bond with it. My mice are getting older and if one of them passes then the other one needs a friend because mice are very social animals. Today I’m getting a baby mouse named Bambi from my local breeder. Bonding with Bambi is important because if I ever need to hold her she will let me. Bambi can not live with Sonic and Pickachu ( my current mice ) until she is relatively tame, because my mouse cage is huge and if I can’t hold her she will never come out of her cage. This is my first New Year’s resolution for 2020.

My second resolution is to bond more with my older mice. My older mice are tamed but could be bonded with more. Having a bond with your mice makes them happier and healthier. Once you have a good bond then you can do a lot more with them. If mice have a strong bond with their owner they will be able to be taught tricks and they will sit on your shoulder kinda like a parrot.This is my second New Year’s resolution.


This weekend Toby turns 6 months old and he’s gonna have a good day. His Birthday is on Saturday and since he’s a service dog he can go places other dogs can’t. But his day won’t start out so good he will be getting shots in the morning. But after that we are going to Christmas on main until 3 then we are gonna go to the dog bakery and get him some dog birthday cakes then we are gonna go get him some presents.

Service dogs

Hi I’m Ky and you may or may not know this but I have autism, you might not think I do because I can talk but some people with this disorder can talk. My autism is called high functioning autism witch is different then other types autisms. Anyway I have a dog named Toby but Toby is not just a dog he is a service dog in training. A service dog is a dog that helps people with disorders and disabilities disabilities. Toby is still in training and he is only 5 months old but he is a really good dog and more behaved then most puppies are at 5 months. Toby is being trained to help me with anxiety and my autism. Toby let’s me know when I am getting over stimulated and when I might need a break. Although Toby is not fully trained yet he is still a great help and I would never give him up. If you have any questions you an comment them. Thanks for reading!

The mystery of the black figure and Skyler’s strange surgery

Hi, I’m Skyler and I am a 15 year old boy. Today I am going to the park after school, why? you ask, it’s because there has been a rumor going around that if you go to the park at 4:00 PM then you will meet someone who is kinda creepy, so I’m going to see if that’s true or not. After the bell rang I checked the clock as I packed up and it said 3:30 of I have a half an hour. My mom has agreed to pick me up and drop me of there, but I said I would be hanging with some friends. As soon as we stop I hop out of the car and run to the creek by the huge greens shimmering willow tree and just sit there. After about 5 minutes I whip out my phone and check the time and it says 3:59 PM, now I just got to wait now. A couple minutes later at 4:10 PM I started leaving, nothing happened happened. As I walked out I heard someone whispering “skyler, skyler”, I turned around and saw a black figure standing in the distance, it started walking towards me. As it got closer I just stood there in shock , I thought that this rumor was just that a rumor not a true story. 2 minutes later the figure was right in my face holding a bat, the figure was wearing a black hockey mask a black hooded jacket and black jeans. The figure started slapping the bat on to it’s hand and saying “you will not make it out.” over and over again in a creepy voice the figure was my height and skinny. Breathing heavily I said quietly in a stuttering voice ” who are you?” , The figure then yelled “the end of you!”. After that the figure grabbed me with it’s freezing cold hands covered my mouth and dunked my face in the creek, I wiggled around but I felt myself starting to not be able to breath. 2 minutes later I felt myself slipping in and out of consciousness, I started crying and screaming but nobody came because I was under water. As I started losing hope I hear the figure screaming and then I felt someone helping me up it was a girl from my school named Leah. All a sudden my eyes went black and I heard Leah talking to someone on the phone, the next thing I know I’m in a hospital bed but I don’t think they new I was up, I saw my mom crying and saying ” why did he have to die, why?” I wanted to tell her I was alive but I could not move or talk IDK why though. After awhile it was night and my mom left and I went to sleep, but later I felt a sharp pain in my leg and I woke up to find that I was in a weird dark cabin and I had a cast on my leg. About 20 minutes later In heard a door open  and then the lights flashed on and I saw that figure from the park coming towards me he had a needle in his hand I started stop scream and screaming but then I felt a pinch and then I passed out. Awhile later I woke up back in the hospital in a gown and there was pains in my stomach, a doctor walked in and said “how are you feeling after your harsh surgery?”, I stared at him in shock and said “why did I need surgery?”, The doctor froze and stared at me then ran out of the room screaming ” I need help in room 19!”, I looked at my room number and yep I was room 19. 20 minutes later a bunch of doctors and nurses come in arguing on what to do with me, finally 6 hours later my mom came to pick me up and I’m not aloud to leave my house ever again. 12 years later I  still live with my mom and I can’t walk and I have severe stomach pain till this day I still don’t know why I had surgery or hey I am injured or where that figure is, all I know is that that figure did this to me and he is still out there I have been reading and the same story has happened to other kids. All I need to say is if you live in Lancaster county be careful or you might get caught to and listen to rumors and stay away from kids who do dumb stuff.

A pet rabbits perspective of life

Hi, Im Ash and I’m a rabbit, welcome to a story of life in my perspective. I live in a nice home with my person he’s a kid named Ky, He’s very kind to me and he gives me lots of goodies. In my house I sleep in a cage but it’s not to bad, my person let’s me out during the day so that I can run around and eat and drink and all that rabbit stuff. the only thing is sometimes I live at Ky’s mom’s house and there is two little brown and black things with long wagging tails and they always Yap and Yap when someone come in the house. Most of the time though I live at Ky’s dads house were there is something in a shell in a thing full of water with a buzzy black thing that Ky calls a filter, and a little black thing that sleeps all day and runs on a green spiny thing at night but they don’t even know I’m here most of the time.

How about I tell you about this delicious yellow thing the people call a banana or something like that, anyway these things are to die for they are heavenly. These yellow things look gross but taste 100 times better than my hay, that’s hard to do so that’s saying something. For some reason in the movies and TV shows that Ky watches rabbits are always eating orange pointy things but I don’t really like those things but there ok, I rather have a yellow banana though. There is a lot of things that I like to eat but bananas are by far my favorite favorite.

When I wake up I get lots of lettuce and spinach and other leafy greens and on top of them I get pellets. Throughout the day I eat hay and drink lots of water. then at the end of the day I get more greens and every other day pellets too. I drink a lot of water in a day. Here’s a tip from a rabbit it’s self no WATER BOTTLES please we can’t get enough water from those horrid gadgets. Most bunnies on water bottles die early from dehydration that’s not very good. Please don’t feed your rabbit just pellets this is not good for them at all. Rabbits need greens and hay lots of them.

This is all I have to talk about now but I hope you enjoyed!

The Liberty Bell

The Liberty Bell


I think the Liberty Bell is the most important because it is a sign of independence. We also paid money to get the Liberty bell shipped to the white house. In 1835 The bell broke for the second time. It is very important since it broke. This is what I think.   



nations trade

When they trade they trade things like wood and grain. They have to travel around parts of Mesopotamia and that can be really dangerous. They can travel with donkeys or on boats.

Plant paper

This is why i think my garden would be good for fourth grade. It will help us learn science and math. It can help us learn math because we can see what the area and perimeter is. It can help us learn science because we need to know how much sun it needs and how much water we give it.

  The garden would have plants that bloom in different seasons. Some of them might bloom all year. It will be nice to have the garden have color all year around. There will be many types of flowers.

 The garden will be very colorful. Some of the colors will be blue, red, green, orange, yellow. It will have flowers and bushes. It will be super colorful.

  There will be a lot of plants. There will be 10 plants in the garden. It will look cool because they will be spread out. There will be stepping stones going down the middle. It will be 10 feet long and 4 feet wide.

  This is why I think my garden will be good for fourth grade. Thanks for reading this.


By: Kya

Tax revenue

Tax revenue is the income that is gained by governments through taxation. Taxation is the primary source of income for a state. Revenue may be extracted from sources such as individuals, public enterprises, trade, royalties on natural resources and foreign aid. An inefficient collection of taxes is greater in countries characterized by poverty, a large agricultural sector and large amounts of foreign aid.