April News Letter


                      No school- April 2nd, 3rd and 6th


Happy Spring! No more snow (hopefully!)! We will be learning about plants.  Miss Argentine  will be teaching her full week 13-17. She is doing an awesome job!!

Our field trip to Shady Maple will be Thursday, April 30th. We will be walking over and back. Please have your child wear sneakers and light jacket. We are hoping for good weather! We will try to reschedule if it rains that day.

We will be encouraging the students who take the PSSA by leaving notes of encouragement and dressing up as or wearing the colors of Super Heroes. Check the calendar!


Reading Goals:  We are blending together short unfamiliar words. Continue to work on the sight words.


Math Goals:  Count to 100 and write to 20 (most can do this so encourage higher!). We are adding and subtracting to 10. Have the kids roll dice and make addition problems. They can also add and subtract the two sides of dominos.


I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter vacation!!

Ms. Kreider