Surprised news about recycling

Surprised news about recycling


In class we read an article about recycling. I think we should recycle and we should not.One author thought recycling was good and the other thought was you can see these authors do not agree on the same thing.

The first author disagrees with recycling and her are a few reasons why .he said” the truth is recycling has a coast a big coats.he also said” it takes a lot of  glass to take a little pollution  and trucks that collect glass make pollution.this author  thinks  we should recycle because it’s better for the planet.the

second author though recycling is good. He said “ since the 1960s the amount of trash thrown out each year has tripled. He said “ in fact we make twice as garbage per person.

My opinion is that we should because  there is 508 billion pounds of trash, i also think we should not recycle because we recycle we make pollution. should  why you should  recycle and you should not.this why you should recycle. Since the 1960s the amount of trash thrown out each year has tripled. In 2013 508 billion pounds of trash was thrown out.he said” in fact we make twice as much garbage pre presonus countries in the western europe. This why you should not recycle.we got a lot better at handling garbage people began recycling after the mid 1960s.we have to recycle lots of glass to reduce pollution but just a little pollution. The truth recycling  has a coast a big coast. And that is why you should  recycle  and you should not.



If you like football  i think you should play football. You have to have eleven players

am go to talk about the eagles i like the eagles they are are in nfl .they are the best team in the nfl.they are all some!!!!!!!!. The eagles have carson wentz. They have a very good defense.there team is the beast over all. They are going to win the super bowl that’s my opinion.

There record is 8 and 1 that means they won 8 games and lost 1. The ended out on the season 13 and 3 the went to the playoffs. They played they vikings they won they crushed them. the went to the super bowl! They are playing in the super bowl vs the patriots.!! The y won 41 to 33. Eagles super bowl champions. Nick foles is the super bowl mvp. They played the patriots in 2004 super bowl but they lost. This year the eagles got revenge.tom brady was so mad he got striped  sacked and the that coats them the game. Then the eagles kicked a field goal and they had to stop the patriots and they did.the eagles  are they best.



The eagles made the playoffs last week.but sadly the top quarterback for the eagles got injured. The eagles have nick foles  as their  quarterback . they are going to play the giants next week that is like a buy the are not good.the eagles have the best run defence. Carson Wentz could return from ACL injury sooner than expected the eagles should get carson wentz back next year. The eagles  have one of three best seasons yet. This week nick foles  throw 5 touchdowns! But the defence did not but next week the sud play better. They play at 8:30 next week. Some of their top players Fletcher Cox malcolm jenkins carson wentz alshon jeffery nick foles nelson agholor jason peters  “Fly, Eagles, Fly” The Philadelphia Eagles Fight Song – YouTube



The nfl is football. I would work all most all day. And do practice. It  has a lot contact. And a lot of work. You have four downs to score and you can get a first down if you go ten yards. it would be  1000 dollars. I would be away a lot but i could  be home sometimes. I love football  it probly my favorite sport!!!!!!!!.