School Uniforms

School uniforms should be worn by all student in all schools. I read a magazine and Paige and Lucas had a argument weather you should should or should not wear uniforms. Paige thinks that wearing uniforms is regulated. The reason I think we should wear uniforms is because it will stop a lot of bullying. Uniforms can help kids focus on school. It helps them because if they were wearing their regular clothes they will not mess with it. On the other hand Lucas thinks there should be no uniforms. He thinks this because you don’t have freedom.

The Watsons Go to Birmingham

In Chapter 1 of The Watsons Go to Birmingham, we learned the Watsons are in Flint, Michigan and their heater is not working and momma wants to move down South to Mama’s home state where it is warmer.They are in the middle of a very cold winter in Flint, Michigan. There is a family of 5. Byron,Joey,Dad,Momma and Kenny. Kenny is the youngest brother and Kenny is the narrator. Byron is the oldest brother of the family. Joey is the only daughter and the youngest in the family. They are all sitting on the couch in blankets because it is very cold. Dad comes in and asks for Kenny and Byron to scrap the ice of the windows of the Brown Bomber, the family’s car. Byron is looking at himself in the mirror and kisses himself in the mirror. He gets his lips stuck to the mirror. Momma pulls Byron’s lips off the mirror. Momma and the Dad are having a struggle about where they should go, stay or go to Alabama. Byron and Kenny are having a brotherly struggle of fighting. My favorite part of the book so far is when Byron kissed the mirror and got his lips stuck to the mirror.

Big Boy Brayden

My name is Brayden. I like to play football and me favorite animal is bunnies. I want a bunny but I can not. My favorite color is blue and orange. I am 9 years old but in Oct.27th I will be 10 years old.My favorite food is my mom’s homemade pizza. My favorite class is math.


This blog on the top was from 2015 and here is my blog from 2017 on the bottom. Here are some changes from 2015 to 2017.


Hi my name is Brayden, and this blog is all about me. I am 12 years old. My birthday is Oct. 27th 2005. My favorite animal is a dog and I love German Shepherds. During the summer I love to ride bike with my friends and go to the pool. This time of the year it is very cold but this year at this time I like to play soccer with my younger brother. I have 6 people in my family. 1 sister and 3 brothers counting me. My mom and my dad are awesome. The sports I play is Football,Wrestling and swim. My favorite sport is Wrestling. This is my 7th year wrestling.

If I Had 1 Million Dollars

First, if I had or won $ 1,000,000 I would first save $ 500,000. With this $ 500,000 that I saved, I would use it later for a house,car,wedding,babies, and bills. I think it is important for the future. Finally, I would donate $400,000 to charity. I would give it to homeless, Locks of Love and Toys 4 Tots.

Next, there are three big things I am going to spend my $500,000 on. One of the things I want to spend my money on is to start a football program. I want to start a football program for people who have illness. My goal to reach is to have at least 100 people with illness come each day. The place I will have it is in Pennsylvania. The next big purchase are a house, car and a gyro stand. The house is for me and one for Mrs. Hart. The car is for me. The gyro stand is for Mrs. Heisig. The final big purchase is fun toys are dirtbike, fourwheeler and ranger.

Finally, the three big places I want to go is to go to Ohio. In Ohio I want to see Romanatwood. The next place I want to go is Texas. In Texas I want to hunt with my crossbow and kill big buck. The last place I want to go is Alaska. In Alaska I want to be a game commissioner. This is what I’m going to do with my one million dollars.


By : Brayden Shore

What I did over Easter

What I did over Easter

      I went to my grandmas house. I had a Easter egg hunt. I had blue colored eggs. We had ham,mash potatoes and corn. It was very very good. For dessert I had apple raisin pie it was good.

                                                                       By: Brayden Shore

All About PSSA

When I did PSSA it was fun but it was hard. I was very nerves and the question were fun:). Mr.Beebe gave us mints and one day I had a honey bun. The honey bun was very good! I was stuck on a hard question and I went back to the story.

What we do on Thanksgiving.

Were my family goes for thanksgiving. We go to my dad’s friends house. We eat mash pato, corn and turkey. After we eat dinner we eat punkin pie, apple pie and ice cream. They have a park by there house so we go there before dinner. It is a BIG park and it is FUN! That is were we go for thanksgiving.