Gerard The Squirel

Gerard was minding his own business, until he had to run away from a man holding a metal thing that throws even smaller metal things at him very fast. He recognized the man from the man inside the invisible wall. The man always tries to get him and make him into dinner. He does not like the man. Every day Gerard tells the man to stop, but he never does.

Hatchet Next Step.

We’re reading a book called Hatchet. So far he got a hatchet from his mom and then he got on a plane and the pilot had a heart attack. the plane crashed and now he needs to survive in the middle of nowhere. He also got attacked by mosquitoes. The next step could possibly be using his hatchet to get supplies to build something to shield from the mosquitoes.

Spring and fall

Spring and fall are different, but also pretty similar. For example, it rains alot in both. There are also lots of bugs. However, in fall the leaves fall.  But the leaves form in spring. There is halloween in fall and easter in spring.

It is Friday. Yay!

Happy Friday. Today is a half day, so I only need to be at school for half the time. Then we have a long weekend. Three and a half days, to be exact.

We had a mock school board election. The election was not real, but I somewhat wish it was. My ELA and Math teacher promised longer school days but we didn’t need to wear uniforms. He also promised a three day weekend. The other teacher promised regular school days, but we had to wear uniforms. I, of course voted for my teacher as I think a longer weekend would be good.

Voting box, from pixabay.

If you’re reading this, have a good day. If it is friday, or thursday for some of you, have a good weekend.

This weekend was… Something.

I didn’t go anywhere. I read for an hour and forty minutes. I finished the book because of how long I was reading. I also talked to my friends. It was rainy and I like the rain. And it is now cooler outside, so i’m happy.

The rain was nice. I stayed inside and watched it. I don’t get a lot of rain where i live. But when i do get rain, i get lots and lots of it. It’s nice really. I also made a video this weekend. It is an okay video. This weekend was good, and i would do it all again. Maybe not the reading, but definitely the rain.