It is Friday. Yay!

Happy Friday. Today is a half day, so I only need to be at school for half the time. Then we have a long weekend. Three and a half days, to be exact.

We had a mock school board election. The election was not real, but I somewhat wish it was. My ELA and Math teacher promised longer school days but we didn’t need to wear uniforms. He also promised a three day weekend. The other teacher promised regular school days, but we had to wear uniforms. I, of course voted for my teacher as I think a longer weekend would be good.

Voting box, from pixabay.

If you’re reading this, have a good day. If it is friday, or thursday for some of you, have a good weekend.

This weekend was… Something.

I didn’t go anywhere. I read for an hour and forty minutes. I finished the book because of how long I was reading. I also talked to my friends. It was rainy and I like the rain. And it is now cooler outside, so i’m happy.

The rain was nice. I stayed inside and watched it. I don’t get a lot of rain where i live. But when i do get rain, i get lots and lots of it. It’s nice really. I also made a video this weekend. It is an okay video. This weekend was good, and i would do it all again. Maybe not the reading, but definitely the rain.

About me

My name is Joseph and i have 3 brothers and 1 sister. I own 1 dog and 1 cat. My hobbies are playing video games. I like science. I do not like history, at least history that is learned in school. I am best at reading and i need to work on writing. I love my family, pets and winter time. I fear people, school and life. If my family was a noise it would sound indescribable. and if the world were made of food, it would taste like sewage water. Dirty, but treatable.

If i could meet 3 people from the past they would be my oldest family member, george washington and benjamin franklin. I most resemble a human. The smell that most describes my house is Animal. I usually feel clear, but changeable. If i could have anything it would be a time machine. If i could change anything it would be poverty. If i could live anywhere it would be in greenland because it’s so cold and i love the cold. My life is an A. the most important thing my teacher should know about me is I like editing videos.

My weekend

This weekend was fun because i went to 2 friends houses!!!! The first one was more fun, but the other one had the upper hand with virtual reality. but they were both fun whatsoever. next weekend will be more fun, so i will post about that

.10 Gillon Street (c.1820), Charleston, SCCreative Commons License Spencer Means via Compfight

Dont i have anything BETTER to do?

My weekend.

Last weekend was nice. I played on the computer, and i used Photoshop. (Photoshop is a photo editor app.) It was fun, we did challenges and i edited his look to be funny. that’s basically what i did all weekend. I did play some computer games with my friend, but it wasn’t anything new.Photoshop IconCreative Commons License youngdesign via Compfight

My weekend

 I learned to play monopoly, i relaxed obviously… i ate.. then the storm hit. My brother and i were the only ones downstairs, our power flickered and it scared us. But then nothing else happened. The power kind of flickered more, but the house is old. I made a website! The funny thing was that my brother saw a estimated time of the storm end, so he kept saying “10 more minutes” “you think we can make it?” It was kind of funny.Monopoly Monoply money by Steve Berry via Compfight