It is time to stop recycling

Some people say it that recycling is good but not always. We got to read an article called it is time to stop recycling. The author did not agree about recycling is a waste. And the other thought recycling is good Below i will explain more. .                                                                              The first author thought recycling was a waste the author said E.P.A thinks it makes sense to anile reclining one third  of our garbage. The second author said recycling was good . some experts  that a good starting point is when a product is made . we should be careful to waste energy

                                                                                      I agree with the author that says recycling is good because more stuff in the landfill is bad because it just sits there in sed of being yous agen  .    



It was 2 days before me and my grandma set sail for the titanic and                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           I always go to bed at 8:00. And grandma and me are packing our luggage and than we are going in the car to drive to the titanic

So that we don’t  have to wait  in a super long line and

The titanic. tickets cost up to $400 $5,000 for first

Class tickets it is $5,000 for 1 person for two people

It is $10,000  and my grandma is real nice so

We get first Class bed Rooms.


Now it is

April 10, 1912 me and my grandma are in a panic mode the ship

Is sinking i jump for a boat but my grandma doesn’t come so i jump of

Wiel the boat is falling and i am barely hanging on than my grandma

Notis me than i get up and my grandma pulls my hand but i slip.

And i am falling  over  882 feet, into water i hope i make it

My grandmother jump,s and dives for me i am crying because i break my arm i am sinking my grandmother pulls me up

I am choking on water i am back  the end.