You discover your parents are spies… Part 1



What would you do if you found out your family was a family of spies? Well this story will tell you about a girl who learns what being a part of a family of spies feels like! And how to become a spy!


One day a little girl named “Ava”. Found some old pictures of her family in black masks!! She asked her mom what they were doing but her mom told her that they were at a party and they were dressed up. (She lied) Her mom thinks she too young to understand. (Ava’s only 10) but Ava wasn’t satisfied with her mother’s answer.


So when Ava was 13 she is now a teenager, she pulled out that picture again and asked her dad what they were doing. And he lied to her saying they were also at a party all dressed up as spies. Then Ava looked up at him with a little grin and walked away. Then she went to her room to jot down some notes. She wrote “Dressed up as spies at a party.”


Then when Ava was 15 she pulled out the picture asked her mom and dad to meet her at the table. They were there on time, so she asked them one specific question “What party where you guys at?” Her parents looked at each other and they nodded their heads, and said at once “We weren’t at a party we are spies. Now Ava froze and stared at them in shock.

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  1. I really liked how she continued to ask until she got the answer she wanted. I wish her parents wouldn’t lie to her. I wonder what will happen next.
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