February 28

Facts about General Grievous

Facts about General Grievous  

Many people know about General Grievous. He is a supervillan in the STAR Wars series and a favorite of mine. If you don’t know him, you will by the end of this writing passage.              


How he got a droid body. He was in a star ship crash because the empire shot his ship down but they shot his ship down because they needed a very good general and he was a good general so they also saved him just his brain his heart and his organs then the emire put him in a droid body.


Why he went with the empire. It was because when he was at his home planet him and his species were at war with giant bugs and then so the giant bugs could win they said to the republic we need help to win our war and the republic said okay and they did the wrong thing because the giant bugs were bad and then so he went with the empire to gain his revenge on the republic for going with the giant bugs and sense the empire wanted him on there side he went with the empire.
How he got his name. It was because he was the greatest warrior on his planet so he was named the general and  sense he was so grievous they named him general grievous.   General Grievous R K via Compfight

February 27

my great weekend

in my great weekend I got to have fun with my cousin we played games intell 10:00pm and it was so great sense I finished all the games I had we restarted them and had fun upgrading the diffrent characters we could play as and the ones that were fully upgraded we used them to get more coins for the ones that were not fully upgraded and we got sum characters upgraded the others are almost fully upgraded. Then I had lots of fun with my puppy he is a bulldog and he is so cute his name is elmo and I took him outside and he was so active for a bulldogHey BulldogCreative Commons License brykmantra via Compfight