Mrs. Irwin

Welcome to First Grade!!!

HI!  My name is Alice Irwin and this is my 14th year teaching at New Holland Elementary and my 4th year teaching first grade.  Before joining the first grade team, I taught kindergarten for ten years. Teaching is a passion and I love the new adventure we go on every year!

I am married and have a beautiful daughter, Kylie, who turned ten in February!  My husband, Chris works in Gap  and we live in Coatesville where we are close to our families.  We have two very rambunctious puppers, Roxie and Bella, and a cat, Tuddy.  New to our family this year is our bunny, Marshmallow.  Our house is very busy!!

This summer we spent time at the beach and hiking!  I just love being outside!

When I am at home I enjoy reading, working in our garden, trying new recipes and spending time with friends and family!

10 Things About Me!

1.  My favorite treats are bread pudding and chocolate covered strawberries.

2. I have a garden that always seems to overflow with tomatoes and peppers!

3.  I love, Love, LOVE the beach.

4.  I enjoy hiking near lakes and streams.

5.  I don’t really have a favorite color because I like all of them and it’s too hard to pick just one.

6.  I love the Eagles (even through the bad times).

7.  My dad, younger brother and nephew all have the exact same name!

8.  I played the flute in elementary school, but I liked chorus better!  Now I just sing really loud in the car (the kitchen, the yard, at school–wherever the mood strikes me :)

9.  I have visited every state on the east coast and Mexico and Canada.

10. I flip through magazines backwards.  Don’t worry, I promise not to set a bad example :)


This is my first grade picture!                        Kylie                                                       Me with my husband, Chris

2015-08-13 12.14.09                                       


Our furry family:

Tuddy                               Marshmallow                             Roxie                                      Bella