Why 4th grade should have a garden

Dear Mr. McCaskey,

I think we should have a 4th grade garden because it would make our property more beautiful, give kids a place to practice math, and give students a place to do science experiments with plants.


If 4th grade had a garden it would make the property beautiful. So then when people drive by they can see how beautiful the garden will be. The students can use the garden for math to measure perimeter.  We can do science to research the plants and see what they do. Then in the future 4th graders can study the garden. In the future it can help other grades learn about plants and gardens. It can help the teachers so the students can learn more about science. And that is why I think 4th grade should have a garden.  

My native American

Native american Hi my name is eskimo I am in the Nevada tribe these are our homes

they are made out of straw mud then they dry so it will not collapse.I am the chief of the Nevada tribe. The women planted crops and the men will hunt deer buffalo busin then we have it for lunch. We do special dancise my job is to putroll the tribe if I don’t then we could git attack by other tribes my best friend is cowessess he helps me and the other men hunt then when we come back with met. We follow the buffalo and busin and deer.Since we did not have stoves we make a fiery and cook it over that and it would cook.It would be soooo good. We would not just have met we have corn beans and squash. This is my native american story.


The ship that sank the Titanic

The titanic                                                                               It was april 10 1912 I was on a ship called the titanic i was going to bed i was really tired i was so happy i was going to go to england now it  is the next day i’m going to eat breakfast i am going to eat baykin and pancakes it was so good so then ii went to play i was playing with cars and legos then it was time to go to bed i go to bed at 9:00 pm i brushed my teeth then i went to bed april 13 i’m awake and ready to eat i am soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo hunger.I ate pancakes and then i went to tht pool.I sawm so hard i was out of breth.    So then i dried off and i ate lunch i had pickles and sandwiches so then onces i was done i took a nap so i napped for about two hours i woke up to a big rumbol the titanic hit an iceberg i went up to see what was going on. The titanic snap in half  i ran for my life the bout snap in half i jumped the howl i all most mist i was getting shoved around i almost fell off the boat. The boat was sinking i went down to get my mom there were 10,000 light bulbs they were all about to go out  i was so scared i could barely breath. So i went down to get my mom we went up to try and get off the titanic me and my mom jumped off the boat. The lifeboat was right there we can jump on it. When we jumped on the lifeboat  i was so glad i did not diy it took 8 hours to get to land so i just sleep that ship was as long as two football fields. I look in the water i sall julre  everyone left  there stuff  the titanic is 882 feet and 9 inches. I survived the titanic.THE END rms titanic wikipedia