School Uniforms

Should students wear uniforms? I read an article from a magazine called, Should Students Wear Uniforms. There were 2 kids explaining their side of there opinion. Paige was writing about how kids should wear uniforms to school. Lucas was writing about how kids should not wear uniforms to school. In my opinion, I think kids should not wear uniforms to school. I think this because being forced to wear uniforms everyday as a student, can be losing freedom of expression. Another reason why I chose this is, kids get bullied for what they wear, the solution isn’t for all of us to look the same, the solution is to learn and respect our differences. On the other hand, some people think students should wear uniforms. People say that when you wear uniforms, you won’t worry about your clothes. That’s true but, people will feel uncomfortable of what they are wearing. Therefor, my opinion is that we should not wear uniforms.

My least favorite and favorite part in Tuck Everlasting

I read 4 chapters of Tuck Everlasting. So far in the book, my favorite part is when a toad came up to WInnie in her backyard, and Winnie was talking to it. I liked it because the conversation she had with the toad was interesting. My least favorite part so far in the story is when the man in the yellow suit came up to Winnie’s House. I think this because the man in the yellow suit was just looking for someone. I don’t think that would move the plot forward. I also didn’t quite get the book so I wasn’t exactly sure what to write.

The Watsons Goes to Birmingham

In Chapter 1 of The Watsons Goes to Birmingham we learned about a family of five who live in Flint, Michigan in the middle of a very cold winter. The characters are Mom, Dad, Byron,  Joetta and Kenny who is the narrator of the story. The conflicts in the story so far are where they live is to cold and there heater isn’t working which leads to the 2nd conflict. The 2nd conflict is the Mom doesn’t like living in Flint, Michigan and wants to go back to Alabama. First, since the heat wasn’t working, and they all decided to go to their aunt’s house because her house was always warm. Second, Dad told Byron and Kenny to go outside and scrape the ice off the car’s windows.Third, Byron wouldn’t help Kenny scrape the ice off of the windows. Fourth, Byron was too distracted looking at himself in the car’s mirror and he kissed his reflection. When he kissed his reflection his mouth got stuck to the mirror. It took a while to figure out how to take his lips off of the mirror. Finally, Byron’s lips were removed from the mirror. Byron also learned his lesson. I learned that the family argue a lot and they sometimes don’t get along very well. My favorite part in the chapter is when Byron’s lips got stuck and his dad was teasing him. That is my summary of the 1st chapter of The Watsons Goes to Birmingham.

Government in Our Daily Life

The government is used in our daily lives. Think about your alarm clock, it says 6:30. Well, how do you know it’s really 6:30? The National institute keeps the official time.When you take a shower you think of how much water your losing. Your state and government provide 90% of urban water supply. Think about your school.The money that keeps the public school running, come from your state and government. Another example is, the weather forecast is produced by the National weather service. Those are some examples of how our government is used in our daily lives.

My Ideal Job

My ideal job is a teacher. I feel like this job would be great for me because, I love to help people get more successful in things such as math,reading,art,ect. It also helps me meet new people and know what their personality is like. It also helps me learn how to cooperate with different kinds of people.These are just some of the reasons why my ideal job is a teacher.

My Ideal Job

My ideal job is a teacher. I feel like this job would be great for me. I think this because I love to help people get more successful in something. It also helps me meet new people and know what their personality is like. It also helps me learn how to cooperate with different kinds of people.These are just some of the reasons why my ideal job is a teacher.

All About Me

Hi,my name is Kaylianna. My favorite hobbie is collecting rocks.I also like to collect shells.I have 6 people in my family.Dad,Mom,my 2 sisters Jalyza,Mercedes,Hector and me.Sometimes me and my family like to walk to the park.My favorite thing to do with my family is draw.My favorite colors are pink and purple.My favorite movie is Pixals.My favorite food is ice cream and pizza.My favorite school subject is math and art.

(This is what I wrote in 2015.Let’s see what is different in 2017)


Hi, my name is Kaylianna. My birthday is December 3rd and I am 12 years old.My hobby and drawing.My favorite color is pink.My favorite food is pizza.My favorite school subject is art.My favorite thing to do is cheerleading.My personality is happy and bright.My personality stays happy and bright.That is all about me!

The Share Table



Did you know, according to the Washington Post ,more than 3 million kids in the country that go to school are hungry? Now, just think about how many of the kids at NHES (New Holland Elementary School) come to school hungry. Mrs. Sneath, you need to help us create a “Share Table” to fight child  hunger in our school. We believe sharing food with hungry students will help reduce child hunger. This would be our way to impact the United Nations Global Goal 2- Zero Hunger.

As a result, our idea as a 6th grade class is to make a “Share Table” for hungry kids at New Holland Elementary School. We can put our pre-packaged and unopened food from the cafeteria on the “Share Table.”  Some of the things we can bring are pre-packaged and unopened food like apple slices in bags, pre-packaged dried fruit , and unopened water and milk. Like lunch buyers, packers may share food as well, but they can’t bring food in ziploc baggies. Packers can bring unopened or prepackaged food like oranges or  pre packaged goldfish. No nut products should be put on the “ Share Table.”  nut products is very important because people in  NHES students could have an allergic reaction to any kind of nut. Kids could get harmed through something that was supposed to help them. The “Share Table” will benefit the hungry and help the people not in need learn about world hunger.

The next thing that we need to do is find out how it works.There are a lot of things we need to look at to determine who gets the food and the way that it functions. The only people to get the food are the people that don’t have money for food. The reason for this is the people who have money to buy food might just want free food. We need to help the people who need the food. Mrs. Sneath, this is where you come in. You have to decide who gets the food, then you send a form to the child’s parent  house for permission. We are sending them home because we do not want people getting bullied because their family does not have enough money for food. This is how it is going to after work: the lunch workers are going to pack it up and parents are going to pick it up. When the lunch workers pack it up there going to pack it up in cardboard boxes friday afternoons, then parents are going to pick it up in aa

All of this information came from origination Feed America. There are a lot of reasons why we should have a “Share Table”. Our first reason is “ Food insecurity among  young children is a associated with poor physical quality of life which may prevent them from fully engaging in daily activity such as school  and social interaction with peers”. Children who have food insecurity may prevent them from making friends with people which is not a good thing. Our next reason is “When they are in school, children who are food insecure may experience increase in an array of behavior problems such as ( fighting, aggression, mood swings, and bullying, etc.)” This is not good because we do not want any fighting, aggression, or bullying in New Holland Elementary School. Our third reason is “Children who are food insecure may be at a higher risk of chronic health conditions such as anemia and asthma.” At New Holland Elementary school we not want people to be unhealthy especially  because they are not getting enough food. These are some reasons that We should have a “Share Table.”

Needs a indent.In conclusion, there is a lot of kids hungry in NHES. You already know what the “Share Table” is, how it functions, and why we should have it. It would be a good idea to start a “Share Table” because hunger is making kids sick then they miss school do you want NHES students to miss school. If we make a “Share Table” your students will be less hungry and sick. 12.9 million children live in food insecure household, now just think about how kids in New Holland Elementary school are hungry. We can make a change.

Facts found from feeding America

Free Write Friday: What I’m Going To Do During The Summer

What I am going to do over the Summer is a lot of things.First after school i’m going to go to Virginia and i’m going to meet my cousins at Virginia.Next,I’m going to New Jersey because i’m going to the beach.After that,I’m coming home and i’m going to the park and then i’m going to go to park city.When that all done i’m going to the New Holland pool with my friends.Then i’m going to have a sleep over.After that i’m going to my grandmas house so I can go to the park with my bike.At the park there are swings and a play ground.So first at the park i’m going to ride my bike and swings. That’s a little bit about what i’m going to do over the Summer.

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