January 29

My Dream Career


I will be telling you about my dream career it is being a NHL (National Hockey League) player on the Flyers or a different team but definitely not the penguins. IN hockey it involves traveling because you need travel to different ice hockey arenas. In the NHL you have a lot of teammates the players and two goalies. The average money to get paid per season is $2.9 MILLION. In hockey the goal is to have more goals than the other team when the time runs out and to not let the other team score on your goalie. This job is day and night because some games are in the day and some are in the night. That is why being in the NHL is my dream career.


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3 thoughts on “My Dream Career

  1. sheehalc

    I like How you added all that info. I wish you said where hockey is played. I wonder why you chose to wright this. Here is a link to my blog. blog.elanco.org/sheehalc/ And one more thing. Go Flyers!!!


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