How to Make Slime

What you’ll need~ PVA glue (Elmer’s glue), Coloring (optional), Glitter (optional),foam beads(optional), crystal beads (optional), Activator(tide,borax and hot water, and contact solution), a bowl,and mixing tool.

Pour the amount of PVA glue you want into your bowl, Color it and add all your beads or glitter if you have any, mix it until the color is all evened out, activate it. Mix it until it coming together. Knead it. Play around with your new slime 🙂

Summer life hacks

Hi my name is Ruby and today I will be telling you some summer life hacks.


  1. Drink lots and lots of water so, you stay hydrated.
  2. Wear things such as short sleeves, shorts, tank tops, etc so you don’t sweat all the time.
  3. If you have longer hair tie it back into a ponytail to stay cool.
  4. Wear sunblock a lot if it is hot out and keep applying.


Hope you follow these life hacks to stay cool during summer!

Botanical Garden!

Our class is doing botanical gardens!

Here are the flowers I have!

  1. Bleeding hearts/ hot pink
  2. Water lilies/ peach
  3. Summer snowflake/ white
  4. Tigerlily/ orange and black.
  5. Catmint/ purple


Here are the trees I have

  1. Cherry blossoms/ pretty pink flowers fall
  2. Cherry tree/grows cherries
  3. Banana trees/ Grows bananas
  4. Orange trees/ Grows oranges           The oranges will grown in the tropical zone.


Here are the bushes I have

  1. rose bush/ pink and red
  2. Jalapeño bush
  3. Spaghetti Squash bush

Here are the paths and accessories!

  1. Quartz path
  2. 11 benches
  3. 30 trash cans


Pro/Con recycling opinion class project

Our class read an article that has two men that have different opinions and visions on recycling. One man Thinks recycling is a good idea and the other one does not like recycling. Keep reading this to learn more!

The first writer (William Shughart) says how he is not a big fan of recycling. He said, “It wastes water,coal,and glass. It is also very expensive. As you can see this writer wants to recycling less,or stop recycling.

The second writer ( Michael Kraft) likes the idea of recycling. He said “The trash is getting huge!” and “ We need to recycling. He thinks we should keep recycling and it will make the world a better place! As you can tell he loves recycling.


My opinion is that we should recycle. The landfill is getting crazy! If we keep throwing away so many things like glass,plastic,metal, and more, if you kind of think about you are sort of wasting things. If we start recycling more we will also save animals big time! We could protect trash from getting in wetlands,the ocean,bodies of waters, and animal environments. I hope we all start recycling more!

My blog

Hey I’m Ruby thanks for checking out my blog. I hope you enjoy the content I post. I try to post as much as I can! Check out my virtual pet Cuddles! Make sure you leave a nice comment or tell me something I can Improve on! Bye have a good day!