Is rap a form of poetry?

Is Rap a form of Poetry? Why or Why Not

I think that rap is not poetry because poems are supposed to inspire and warm the heart.They Sometimes make you laugh and sometimes make you cry.Rap is loud and most of the time very inappropriate.Rap is very loud and hard poems are soft and warming.

Is it hard for you to read poetry? Why or why not?

Not at all,but sometimes there are challenging words to say.They can be long sometimes but they also can be a sentence long.Some people say it is easier to read books than poems but I think that they are the same level of reading.Thank you for reading my blog post,Have a amazing rest of your day. Comment down bellow what your favorite quote or rap is thanks,BYE. 

My amazing vacation

Write a review about a recent trip or vacation.Was it good or bad?

I thought that this was a great blog idea because I recently  just went on a vacation.I went to Florida to go to Universal studios.We first stopped at are cousins house and spent 3 days with them.Two of the days we went to the beach.The next day we drove with them to A resort called Cabana bay.It was 5 minutes away from the parks.When we got there we checked in and went to are room.The room was fabulous very well kept and and it had a very modern feeling.After we unpacked we went to the pool it was great.They had a lazy river and two slides.Then we went to there arcade and played there for a little after that we went to the bowling alley it was very well kept.the day had ended and we went to bed,the beds there were very comfortable.When we woke up we went to Universal the resort had a shuttle that took us there.The park was amazing and the food was great.We spent two days at Island of adventure and two days at Universal.The last day we relaxed at the resort I give Cabana Bay a 5 out of 5 Because.It was well kept,had great food,amazing rooms and  great entertainment.I would give Universal a 5 out of 5 also because it is a amazing place,so fun and enjoyable,the rides are amazing,the theme of the parks are spectacular. I would recommend both Cabana bay and Universal next time your in Florida.       

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My memorable experience

My memorable experience was last year me my brother and my grandparents took us too Florida to visit our cousins.When we got there it was so pretty and I saw pom trees for the first time.the first day we went ti a beach called Mikler beach.The water was so blue and clear it was awesome.the second day we went to another beach called Jacksonville beach.the third day we biked to there community pool and spent the day there.The next day we went to Jacksonville city and went to a museum called the mosh.then after the mosh we went to a food court.the next day we went to st.Augustine and explored the little village and went to the fort it was pretty cool.Then the next day we staid at there house and explored the pond near there house we found some alligators.After that we got ice cream.The next day it pored down rain all day so we staid inside and plaid board games and watched moves then we went to sweet frogs for frozen yogurt.The next day we packed our bags and went to Daytona beach with our cousins.we staid in a beach front house it was amazing.The next day we had a beach day there and relaxed at the house.Then the next day we went to a restaurant called buba gumps it was based of  off the move forest gump.the next day we went golfing and ate ice cream.the second to last day we went to the Kennedy space center.the last day there we spent at the beach.So that was my favorite memory.

Truth Or Dare (Christmas Style)

Would you Rather  Not Celebrate  Christmas this year OR not celebrate your birthday?

     Image result for celebrate ChristmasThis is a very hard question because I like both things.But I would choose Christmas because it is so bright full and joyful and it warms the heart.Also I get to see a lot of my family and get lots of presents presents.

Would You Rather Visit The North Pole OR Visit Bethlehem?

  Image result for Christmas I would rather visit Bethlehem because I am a christian and I would love to visit the place where Jesus was born.Also I don’t believe in Santa so the north pole would be so boring.The north pole would not be magical it would be cold wet and snowy “Blah”.That sound horrible so I would rather visit Bethlehem.

Would You Rather Spend a whole day shopping at the mall OR Spend a whole day watching Christmas shows/Movies?

Image result for watching christmas movies I would rather spend a whole day watching Christmas movies because,I love watching them it is one of my favorite things to do during Christmas.

My favorite family member!!!

Who is your most important family member?

That is a very hard question because I love all my family very much.But if I had to choose I would choose my Grandma.

What memories do you have with them?

My favorite memory is when my grandma took me and my brother to Jacksonville Florida it was great.We got to see are cousins and went to some pretty cool museums.Also when we where there we went to Daytona beach and stayed at a beach front home.That is a memory I will never forget.Also I have memories of going to her house for a family Christmas sleep over it is always fun we do it every year.

What are some traits they have that you hope you will have?

I hope I am as nice and caring as her,also as giving and loving.

What makes them such an incredible person?

She is very giving and loves are family so much she is very caring.


Comment Who you think is your favorite family member and Why?


Something I’ve Always Wanted To Do!!!

If you could do something that you’ve never done before. What would it be and why?

   I have always wanted to be in a cake decorating TV show.I love to watch shows like that.One of my favorites is cake wars.I want to be on cake wars because I love to decorate and bake cakes.I want to make and decorate cakes when I grow up.I think it would be so cool to do what I love on TV. I’ve always wanted to do that because.I love decorating and I’ve always wanted to be on a TV show.It would be so cool to be on a TV show and maybe win $10,000.It would be so cool if I could be on that show it looks like a lot of fun.

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A Hero

“A hero is an ordinary individual who finds the strength to persevere and endure in spite of overwhelming obstacles.” –  Christopher Reeve

 What does this quote me to me?

I think the quote is very powerful.I think Christopher described a hero perfectly.

 name two traits a hero should have and why they need those traits?

A Hero should be strong minded and persevere.They need to be strong minded because.They need to determent and strong minded.They also need to persevere through the hard obstacles.

Who in your life do you consider a hero? why?

I think my uncle is a hero.He is one of the owners of Good Samaritan Services.It is a shelter that takes in homeless women and children.

   Name one person in history that has the qualities of a hero?why?

George Washington because he was the first president.

Red Ribbon Weak Question

Why is it so important for schools to teach students about drugs and alcohol?  Can teachers really influence who you become later in life?

 This weak at school we are doing red ribbon weak.That is when we wear different thing that day to mean something.Like today we are wearing school colors so that we spread are school cheer.We do this so that we learn not to do drugs or bad things when we grow up.

I think it is important for teachers to teach students about drugs and alcohol and how they are bad.So that when they grow up they know not to do those things.

I think in some cases yes teachers can influence who you later become in life Because.They could teach you how bad drugs are and what they do to you so that the kids think there bad and never use them when they are older.


My Dream Job!!!

When I grow up I want to be a Chef/Baker.Because I love cooking and baking I have always wanted to be a Chef.I am obsessed with cooking I have bin cooking for a very long time.I make food for family gatherings and parties.I also have bin in local kids cook of’s and have bin in 1st or 2nd every time.I also take a cooking class in Lititz it is called Zest.If I could I would cook every day for the rest of my life.I really like watching cooking shows also I hope one day I will be as good as them.Cooking runs in my family my dad worked at a restaurant for 13 years and my mom worked for 10.My two uncles also have worked in restaurants before and my dads aunt has bin cooking in restaurants almost all her life.I can’t wait for when I’m older and become a Chef. 

My Perfect Day!!!

I have always waited for my perfect day.My perfect day will be when I go to Disney World and Universal Studios. I think it will be one of the best days of my life.I can just imagine the fun I would have there.Here’s how my perfect day will go.I will wake up on a beautiful day and pack up my stuff and leave.We will drive through a lot of cool states and when we get there I will be so exited.We will unpack at a resort in the park and head right to the castle.I will take lots of pictures and ride lots of rides at the end of the day we will watch the fire works and then go to Universal.There we will do the same thing and then head home.That will be the best day of my life.I will be so exited when we actually go,I cant wait!!!!