June 8

My ELA Study Plan

By: Meredith Good

During the 4th grade year, we need to learn many things for the Pennsylvania System of School Assessment (P.S.S.A.). First of, I found out that I need to study vocabulary for the test to understand the questions and their clever speech. Next, I found out that I need to give a lot of detail to prove my answer or theory. And finally, I found out that I need to know how to answer tricky questions on the test.
Since I need to learn all these things, I will need to make a plan. First, I will create some thing to learn the words I don’t know. To help me learn these words I will make a vocabulary book flashcards, or a game board to use with the flash cards.
Second of all, when I answer a question, I need to give a lot of detail to support my answer. To help myself I will practice going back into the article to find more information to support my answer.
Finally, I need to practice skills to answer tricky questions. I can do that by learning their tricky speech that they will try to trick me with, and I practice rereading the question to try and understand what they are saying.
I will try and learn these things during class and at home. I will practice a lot until after the P.S.S.A. I know that it will take a lot of effort to learn these things, but it will help me study for the P.S.S.A.

March 1

Our 4th Grade Garden

Name: Meredith Good
Date: 2/19/18

Title: Our 4th Grade Garden

In the classroom kids might feel trapped because they are stuck in the classroom and don’t have any fresh air. We in 4th grade think that we should have a garden outside the classroom. Then the kids in our classroom won’t feel trapped because they have a place full of nature to work.
The place of our garden will be between the 4th and 6th grade outside of the exterior doors. The location of our garden provides safety for all our students here. We could easily put in a combination lock and a fence in so intruders can’t get in the garden and destroy what is in the garden. And it is still usable for fire drills.
In our garden we are going to put in perennial plants. A perennial plant is the kind of plant that lasts for years and years and you don’t need to replant it. I think that a good perennial plant would be the Common Milkweed. I think the common milkweed would be good because it only grows from 2-6 feet, It blooms from June-August, it has pale purple flowers that will add to the beauty of the garden, and it attracts butterflies. Another perennial plant that I think is good is the Butterfly Weed. I think the Butterfly Weed is good because it only grows from 1-3 feet, it blooms from May-September, it has orange flowers, and it attracts butterflies.
Another thing we are going to put in our garden are shrubs. I think a good shrub to put in our garden would be the New Jersey Tea. I think the New Jersey Tea will be good for the garden because it is about 3 feet, it blooms from May- September, and it has creamy white flowers that will beautiful in the garden. Another shrub I think we should put in our garden is the Sweet Fern. I think the Sweet Fern is good because it is 3 feet, it is a evergreen, and it smells good.
We are also going to put trees in our garden. I think a good tree for our garden is the Weeping Cherry Tree. I think it is good because it grows from 10-12 feet and they have little cherrys on it, and we can sit under it. Another tree I think we should put in the garden is the Downy Serviceberry. The Downy Serviceberry is good because it grows from 20-30 feet, it blooms from March-May, and it has white flowers.
In our garden we will also put benches and picnic tables so the students can work. We need them to do all the lessons that the teacher give us. We can also use them for a reward time for students that finished their work.
In conclusion, all these things will help students learn, grow, and for enjoyment. It would be safe for the students, and provide for their learning. In my opinion, I think Blue Ball Elementary School should have a garden for 4th Grade.

December 15

emperor penguins

      Emperor Penguins  


Do you know a penguin that lays an egg the size and shape of a large avocado? Do you know a penguin that is three feet tall? You guessed it, the emperor penguin. You will read about what happens in Antarctica, penguin adaptations, and some cool facts. So keep reading.


Emperor penguins live in Antarctica. Antarctica is a very cold place. Antarctica gets to be 49 degrees celsius. It is actually a desert. It is made completely out of ice.


Humans can’t survive in Antarctica by only what’s on it. But penguins can because of adaptations. Adaptations are the process of something being adapted. Some adaptations are their webbed feet that help them move through the water and they use camouflage in the water which is why they are black and white.


Did you know?


. emperor penguin eggs are the size and shape of a large avocado

. Antarctica contains about 90% of Earth’s ice

. if all Antarctica melted, the world’s sea levels rise about as high as a 20 story


. a emperor penguin is as tall and weighs as an average third grader

. an emperor penguin has orange-yellow ear patches

. emperor penguins mainly eat fish, krill, and squid

. emperor penguins are hunted and eaten by leopard seals and killer whales.

. emperor penguin scientific name : Aptenodytes forsteri

. penguins only live in the southern hemisphere


Emperor penguins are amazing birds. They live on a freezing continent, and they have adapted to live there. There are many interesting facts about emperor penguins.


The End


November 17

my Titanic writing

Dear uncle John, April 16th 1912

We boarded the Titanic at 8:45 in the morning. We first went to our 1st class cabin and put our stuff away and went to the winding staircase. We started to explore. After a while we went to eat.The next few days we explored.


Me, Ava, Chloe, our meen sister, and our friends were drinking cappuccino and talking, when we heard a clank. We didn’t think about it at first, but then we jumped up to see what it was. We ran to the deck. We heard that the Titanic was hit by an iceberg. Then we started slide down because the one side of the Titanic was going down. So we grabbed our diaries and got a life jacket and boarded a lifeboat with mother Elizabeth, Chloe and Ava. We were the first ones there so we had to wait a little bit before we could go. Once our friends were on the life boat we started off, but before we got far,Chloe pretended to fall and “Accidentally”  pushed me and Ava off the lifeboat. In a few seconds Ava caught hypothermia and died. Mother Elizabeth and our friends pulled us out. I was so mad at Chloe for killing my sister that I push her off the boat and she caught hypothermia and died. When we finally got to land and we went to our friends house. Now I am 47 years old  and the doctors say I am going to die from cancer.


Sincerely yours,

Angie M,Carson, princess of England


Sent from the national hospital of  Kentucky