The Most Electrifying Place On Earth

Do you like to listen to the sound of little raindrops on you roof to help you sleep?  Well you won’t like this place.  In Lake Maracaibo it storms all night. 300 days a year. That is more than  3/4 of the year. Why is it so eclectic you may ask? Well the lake is close to the equator. So, that causes it to be so warm. But storms also need cold air to make the storm, too. There are mountains surrounding the lake which causes a storm to occur. A few people have died from these storms so don’t bother about going outside. Well, hey, they are lucky. If your power was to go out there you would still have a show.

Is Wearing A Uniform A Good Idea?

         I  did a argument essay on whether schools should have uniforms or not. I agree with not having to wear a uniform. The reason I don’t want to wear a uniform is because uniforms hold back individuality. They also would make people have to wear the same outfit every day for school. Their parent would have to wash it almost every day. I also don’t think that wearing uniforms will make kids be even worse or pick on them for looking like them. Also not everyone should look alike. 

I can see why some people like to wear uniforms because they can tell what school you are from. Also they can know that you are a student of a well being school. They can also help stop bullying. I do agree with those facts, but I still say that wearing a uniform is not a good idea because of these facts.  Those are most of the facts that wearing a uniform. This is why is say wearing a uniform is a bad idea. do you agree with me or disagree?

Why is the world worried about North Korea?-Questions and answers

Why is the world worried about North Korea?-Questions and answers

  1. Where is North Korea located? North Korea is located by Japan and China.  This is a peninsula. A peninsula is an island surrounded by water.
  2. When did North Korea experience Famine? North Korea experienced Famine in the 1990’s.
  3. How must the North Koreans treat their leaders? They must treat them like gods.
  4. Who turned North Korea into a isolated nation? The guy’s name is Kim Jong Un.
  5. What had Kim Jong Un threatens to use on South Korea? Kim has threatened them with nuclear bombs.

with help from Madison. Madison’s blog.

Seasons Major Reason

The major reason for all the seasons is because of the axis.

For winter, our part of earth is tilted away from the sun, while the southern part is facing towards the sun. When it comes to summer, we are closer to the sun while the other part is further away. But, since we are away from the sun in the winter, we get longer periods of the day. But, during the summer, it’s shorter than the winter periods.

During the fall and the spring, we are medium lengths away from the sun. Which means that we might get longer days. It takes the sun’s rays longer to reach the earth. But, during the summer, it will take a shorter amount of time since it is Closer to the sun. But the winter, it takes a longer amount of time for the sun to reach our planet because we are further away from the sun.

So, since the axis that the world is sitting on is tilting, the seasons that we now are born.

Extreme Selfies

Is it really a good idea to take a selfie while standing in front of a erupting volcano? There are some people who decide to take selfies that are on buildings that are almost 6 stories high. That is 60 feet tall. Most selfies are almost breathtaking and maybe you would see one and be like why did they do this? But alot of selfies are to remind us of special times. About a few years ago a few boys took pictures of themselves on train tracks. One of them got hit by a train while taking his selfie. you could be taking a nice selfie instead of a really crazy on like these ones. don’t risk your life for these really crazy selfies. it is ok to take selfies but not these ones.

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Stone Fox prediction

In the story Stone Fox, I predict that the boy is going to save the farm from the Tax collectors. I also predict That his dog searchlight will beat Stone fox who has never lost a race in his life. These our thing i predict in the story Stone Fox.

What I like and dislike about the book Call It Courage part 2

I finished the story called call it courage. In the book I like how is is a kid who faces his fears of the water. He is also trying to prove himself to his dad. Other wise known as the chief of the village. What I didn’t like about the story was it was saying stuff that could scare people. I also don’t like how he was naked in the story for more than 2 chapters. It also says that there were eaters of men. Those our some of the thing I like and dislike about the book call it courage.

What I Like And Dislike About the book Call it courage

In the book “Call it courage” is that a boy was trying to face his fear of the ocean. I also like how in the story it mentions the “gods” of the sea and fisherman (Moana and Maui). What is didn’t like in the book was that it talks about eaters-of-men which is enough to scare a kid. I also don’t like how he goes by himself and he is naked as well. Those our the things I do like and don’t like tin the story, “Call It Courage.”

call it courage prediction.

when I read the preview it mentioned that the narrator is afraid of the water and people tease him about it. Also it mentions that he is trying to face his fear. I predict that when he is trying to face his fear something bad happens like when he is out on the water a storm is going to happen. That is my prediction for the book Call It Courage.

The Watsons Go to Birmingham book vs movie blog post

In the book The Watsons Go to Birmingham they had a lot of details in the beginning of the book. Unlike the movie which had most at the end. In the book it shows the meaning of brotherhood and the movies was to show what happened in the book. I liked the book way better than the movie. The reason I like the book better was because the movie was kind of bland and it left some important things out and they added a few extra scenes. When I watched the movie I liked the book better because it made more sense than the book. If I were to tell you more about the difference about the book and the movie you wouldn’t want to see the movie. Yet would you want to read the book? They are both good so I recommend watching the movie and reading the book.

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