Welcome to Elementary STEM


  • S = SCIENCE: We will use science to gain knowledge about the world using observation and experimentation.
  • T = TECHNOLOGY: You all have used and probably love technology! Of course, we will use technology in class to apply concepts, share our ideas, solve problems and sometimes research.
  • E = ENGINEERING: Engineering is when you use your scientific and mathematical knowledge to do things. You use this knowledge to design, build, and invent. 
  • M = MATH: We will definitely be working with numbers and other math concepts.  During our STEM units we will work with numbers, graphs, measurement, shapes, and many other concepts to better understand what we are learning. 


STEM education is a new approach to the traditional subjects of science and math.  The students have the opportunity to explore these concepts through problem-solving, creativity, and real-world application.  These projects and activities may incorporate the engineering design process and technology to understand and make in-depth connections.  STEM classrooms will involve collaboration, hands-on learning, critical thinking, and student-driven, project-based learning.  We want our kids to be prepared for their future, where it is expected that a majority of careers will require some STEM skills.  Our goal is to create an environment where the students are able to increase their problem-solving skills and learn to develop solutions for challenges in the real-world. 


Below are suggestions of fun websites and apps that can be used to increase STEM skills.

  • PreK – Kindergarten Websites & Apps
    • PBSkids.org (Design Squad, Cyberchase, The Greens, & Zoom)
    • BillNye.com (videos and science experiments for home)
    • Magic School Bus
    • Brain Pop Jr. – Your child may know the school’s username & password.  If not, feel free to ask their homeroom teacher or STEM teachers via email.
    • Apps: Lego Juniors Create & Cruise, Monkey Math School Science
  • First – Sixth Grade Websites & Apps 
    • Brain Pop Jr. or Brain Pop – Your child may know the school’s username & password.  If not, feel free to ask their homeroom teacher or STEM teachers via email.  On these sites there are STEM content videos and fun games!
    • Kinetic City
    • Space Place – You can build your own spacecraft, play games, and more!
    • National Geographic Kids
    • Apps: Thinkrolls, MathShaker, Motion Math, Go Car Go, Curious Kid, Hopscotch (Coding), Move the Turtle, Mystery Math Town, TinkerBox, Monster Physics